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The Highway Women celebrate all forms of beauty with new single “God Made Me Right”

Following on from the success of their 2019 single “Stand Up and Fight” which received over 300,000 streams on Spotify, the Nashville based all-female powerhouse collective known as The Highway Women return with their first release of the new decade “God Made Me Right” which is a powerful track focusing on positive energy that highlights self appreciation and self beauty no matter who you are!

The quartet of highly talented ladies formed of 3 East Texans: Heather Harper, Amanda Pruitt and Drew Haley along with Kentucky’s Kristen Kae who are unique and talented performers in their own rights with such powerful voices unite together to deliver this anthemic track with lyrical depth, strong solo’s along with beautiful harmonies and a fitting melody which emphasises a positive and uplifting reflection of being comfortable with yourself and believing that you are as you should be and were indeed made right!

Exploring the area of self worth and personal well-being is such a big issue right now given the expectations that mediums like television and social media have created on an ideology of what people think they should be and what is desired so it is a very relevant area in music to reiterate that this isn’t the case. As regardless of shape, size, colour, belief or upbringing there isn’t a set marker for perfection and you should value yourself as you are as echoed by the song’s writer and producer Justine Blazer:

I wrote the song in approximately ten minutes. I submitted it to their label thinking, “here goes nothing”. I am so grateful to The Highway Women for bringing this song to life. It is about celebrating all forms of beauty, shapes, skin colors and sizes because we are made right!

It is not just a female empowerment perspective to view this from, you know being a guy there is still this need to consider looking out for yourself and valuing yourself as you are! In the mainstream market the idea of promoting self worth and that there really is no epitome of perfection to aspire for is explored in songs like “Thursday” by Jess Glynne, Jessie J’s “Who You Are” along with “Perfect” by Anne-Marie then going back a bit further “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera and TLC’s “Unpretty” so is not unexplored territory musically.

However (this may come from being in the UK with less general access to as much music as in the US) I can’t think of too many country songs that try to promote self beauty, acceptance and eliminating an ideology of perfection (“homecoming queen?” by Kelsea Ballerini and “Pretty” off Lauren Alaina’s sophomore record ‘Road Less Travelled’ are the only things down a similar road that spring to mind) and the ones that do don’t tend to have the same authentic ‘country’ feel to it like “God Made Me Right” achieves with the impact of the fiddle in the melody which really enhances the depth of the song.

Highway Women L-R (Heather Harper, Amanda Pruitt, Kristen Kae & Drew Haley) Photo Credit: Daniel Gonzalez

The track delivers a beautiful message to celebrate our differences and beauty along with female empowerment which really highlights the strength and vocal talents of each member of the band to wet the appetite further for expected further releases in 2020!

You can connect with The Highway Women by visiting www.highwaywomen.com and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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