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TC in Conversation with Eric Paslay

On what was now his fourth trip over to the UK, Eric Paslay is becoming a firm favourite for fans on this side of the Atlantic firstly as an artist and performer but also because everyone that meets him will just tell you how he is such a nice guy! Performing an array of the hits that he has written which have since been brought to a wider audience by the likes of Love and Theft, Eli Young Band, Jake Owen and Lady Antebellum there is a great way to draw in fans new to Paslay’s music. His extensive September 2019 European “The Nice Guy Tour” featured shows in Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and England included sets at The Long Road Festival and the beautiful Bush Hall in London where we got to spend some time chatting to Eric before the show.

Eric Paslay on how The Long Road Festival compares to festivals in the United States:

I mean it’s similar because there are a lot of people there for country music or who are just there for great music whatever you want to call it but they’re there for a great time! I will say though there are not mansions at any other festivals I’ve played!

Eric Paslay on new music:

‘Live in Glasgow’ just came out so that’s a live album with first time recordings of all those hits I’ve had as a writer and as a singer, you can hear the band and the same bands with me here I love them to death and it’s great. That comes out September 20th officially everywhere, then new music early next year! We’ve really already recorded it unless another special song shows up and I must record it. I’m sure every artist with new music is like it’s so great it’s awesome, I can’t wait, it’s so special but it really is. I’ve been waiting a long time for this music to come out. It’s been waiting a long time to come out! I cut it with a great band and a lot of collaborations with great people on it and can’t wait for people to hear it.

Eric Paslay on whether songs are intentionally written for himself or trying to write for someone else:

I just write the song as true as it wants to be and then decide if it’s for me or sometimes it decides if it wants to be a hit for someone else. Truly I wish I had an answer to “How do they become hits” other than a million miracles. My goal is just to write the best song, that means whoever sings it will still ring true.

Eric Paslay on Clare Dunn and being a co-writer on her most recent single ‘My Love’

I love that you know it. Clare is a badass! She is awesome! We wrote ‘My Love’ five or six years ago and I’m happy they finally put it out!

Eric Paslay on how not all songs become a hit as soon as they are written:

It’s expected, there are so many hits that are ten years old and the cool thing is that a song has forever to be heard. I’ve seen that with so many other great songs. So if the song doesn’t get heard, I might be just like “Ah alright, whatever it’ll be it’ll be heard one of these days.” Not every song is meant to be heard in the way of which the business thinks it’s supposed to be heard. Sometimes it’s just supposed to be shared with the fans that are there and the audience there that night.

Eric Paslay on people he would love to write with:

If Chris Martin is hanging around and Imogen Heap’s pretty cool. She’s like the mad scientist of awesomeness. Then I always throw out Dolly! Dolly Parton does not need a co-writer I know, Willie Nelson does not need a co-writer but we were just in Dublin so if Bono and The Edge need something, well you know? The problem is I throw out all people who don’t need co-writers.

Eric Paslay on what makes him want to keep coming back to play shows in Europe:

The people. I mean the crowds are amazing, just the reaction and then the biggest thing is you’re such cool music fans who learn the whole album which is just amazing to hear everybody sing along.

Eric Paslay on having people in a different part of the world knowing the words to every track on an album:

In the States mainly how you get your music out is through the radio hits and there are a lot of people at shows for that and that’s fabulous. I’m grateful I’ve had hits on the radio but it’s shocking when a whole crowd shows up and they’re singing songs on your album that you realize they have your album. It’s just really special!

and Eric Paslay on hearing the crowds around the world singing the hits like ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ and ‘Friday Night’ back to him:

I love it, I can’t believe it its awesome. I always joke like Whoa-oh’s and La La’s can fit in any language.

Eric Paslay on spending time exploring Europe:

My goal on tour is always to see as much of a town as I can and soak up as much as the vibe as I can. I love doing it in Europe; it’s just a whole new world for me. It’s the buildings, you know it’s there’s so many old buildings here because you didn’t tear them down! I mean we’re playing a ballroom tonight that a father built for one of his daughters in 1903 and the sad thing is he had three daughters so built three of them and two of them got torn down. It’s a wild thing to see such elaborate architecture get torn down. I mean, I guess money always talks but it’s amazing. You can’t tear down all of Europe so I love that. I just love architecture here and the people are so friendly. Then before my first tour and this is the fourth tour we’re on here. I was warned like the food’s horrible! The food’s not horrible, it’s great food. I love fish and chips; you can’t go wrong having that.

Finally Eric Paslay on the secret to being a ‘Nice Guy’:

I have no clue! I know, I was kind of afraid to call it ‘The Nice Guy Tour’ because that sounds like I’m an asshole. So I don’t know? Whatever I am, I guess people think I’m nice so I’ll take it!

Eric Paslay’s ‘Live in Glasgow’ album is available now, which you can check out HERE. He has upcoming dates in Australia starting on Thursday September 26th in Tamworth with all dates below and be sure to keep up to date via: Official site | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Sept 26th Tamworth, AUS Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
Sept 28th Sydney, AUS C2C: Country To Country
Sept 29th Brisbane, AUS C2C: Country To Country
Oct 1st – Wollongong, AUS Anita’s Theatre
Oct 2nd Melbourne, AUS Forum Theatre


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