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Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  A chance meeting with Texas native and country music dynamo, Olivia Lane the other night ended up with me reviewing her new video for “Wrong Girl” today.  It just released and I must tell you, this song is really stuck in my head now.

When I spoke with Olivia she warned me that it wasn’t traditional country.  “No trucks, no lost dogs, it’s pop country.”  I got the picture.  She also told me if I hated it to be sure to tell her.  Well, I’ve watched the video, several times, and no, I do not hate it at all.  In fact, I quite like it.  Olivia, you may release that deep breath now.

Heavy on green screens and nightclub like graphics, this video does exactly what I believe it was intended to do, and that’s generate fun.  The song itself is about a girl who is a one night master of her own destiny.  “So, if you’re lookin’ for a red wine sippin’ kind of night, well tonight ain’t it, and oh, if you’re tryin’ to find that quiet type, get it right, right now boy you’ve got the wrong girl.” So, you see who’s in control of the situation here.  With only Lane and one unknown male “pursuer” appearing in the video, the theme that continues throughout is this, “I’m enjoying your efforts, but I’m a little busy.”

Silhouettes are effective in giving the video an extra cool vibe.  I especially like one shot of Lane holding a guitar where this technique is used.  Cool vibe multiplied.   Making sure this wasn’t your great granny’s country music video, the wardrobe choices stayed right in line with the nightclub feel.  Leather pants alternating with plaid school girl skirts and high black boots, with an occasional glimpse of Lane in pink aviator sunglasses keeps us in the now, rather than the days of ruffled prairie dresses and cowgirl hats.

The song itself is catchy.  I had to listen to it twice to get completely wrangled in, but by the third time, I knew the hook and was singing along.  If you’re into pop country, this is right in your wheelhouse.  You’ll want it in your collection.  The video?  Your big screen TV needs to have this one on the playlist for your next party.  It will absolutely add to the festive atmosphere.

Final thoughts.  Olivia Lane is known for an infectious air of positivity in her music.  It just seems to seep from her pores.  In person, she is as human as one can be, as if her feet are glued to the ground.  You can’t help but like her.  This video takes her own brand of fun to a special new level.  She took a little risk and I’m proud of her.  It’s colorful, it’s confident and best of all, it’s pure Olivia.  She’s one of a kind.  Be sure to check this one out.

Olivia Lane is currently touring.  Check olivialane.com for show dates and ticket information.


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