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Interviewing Bailey James

Having brought you up to date with exciting emerging talent Bailey James recently (https://thinkcountrymusic.com/whats-new/bringing-you-up-to-date-with-bailey-james/ )  we took the opportunity to ask the Pennsylvania native a few questions about the past year, her current releases and what her plans are for the coming months! Hope you enjoy the e-chat between Bailey and one of our UK team members, Lesley Hastings! Among other things, it was great to hear that we will be getting a lot more new music from Bailey this year….and also to discover she’s a massive Chris Stapleton fan!  

LH Thanks much for your time today, Bailey! Can you begin by describing where you are right now please, just to paint a picture as any great country song does! 

BJ I am currently sitting on my couch watching my Dad play Call Of Duty which he takes very seriously. He just announced he’s in first place with a couple other profanities. My pup Mr. Tator Kobain is also here.

LH Looking back at 2020, despite all the weirdness going on in the world you still managed to make it a very exciting and productive year as we mentioned in out recent article. What were just a couple of highlights for you?

BJ Releasing “Bitter” with Mia Morris had been a long time coming, and I’m super stoked how it all turned out. It’s just a full circle moment. I’ve known her for a very long time. Also, just still being able to play out is absolutely amazing. I feel blessed.

LH I’m glad you mentioned your current ( and absolutely stunning !)  single “Bitter”  ( available everywhere digitally ) which sees you unleashing your inner rock goddess. It sounds like you and Mia Morris had the best time together, how did the collaboration come about, had your paths crossed before? 

BJ Yes! I’ve known Mia longer than anybody else in Nashville. We played some of our first shows together, and wrote “Bitter” a couple years back. There is a lot of amazing history that comes through in the song. 

LH I see that Mia produced the song…is that a side of the creative process you’d like to become more involved with as some stage? 

BJ For sure. It’s so interesting watching her be the musical genius she is. I’d love to be able to produce. 

LH Iknow a lot of artists took the opportunity to delve into songwriting as their touring was curtailed….while others found inspiration tough. How do you sit in that regard, please tell me there’s a slew of new BJ songs ready to be recorded (or maybe already recorded and ready for release!) 

BJ Of course! Many songs are ready for release which is amazing because it never has been like this. Covid gave me a creative burst and I’ve been riding that high for a while. 

LH You take inspiration from so many genres and always manage to capture their essence perfectly while still putting your unique spin on things. How important is it for you to challenge yourself in this way, as opposed to sticking with the same formula all the time?  

BJ It’s very important, but I think something that comes natural to true artists. If you ask anyone around me they will tell you I’m only good at music. It’s the truth. I write whatever I’m feeling at that moment. Regardless of genre. I don’t like to conform. 

LH Your blossoming solo career is running alongside you becoming the youngest member of the fabulous band The Highway Women. I’d imagine, as well as being a lot of fun, this is also a great learning experience for you on many levels?   

BJ A learning experience indeed. I’ve never harmonized before being in the band. It was a complete new experience not being solo. Learning to blend. Just amazing. 

LH The band’s latest single “Dead Man Walking” is out now …..who doesn’t love a revenge song?? Can you tell me a bit more about the writing and recording process behind this one? And do you have a favorite revenge song?  

BJ I wrote it about a friendship turned sour. He wanted more, and it surprised me. I turned him down and he went down a sour track of putting me down. He picked the wrong one though and I got a song made about it. Haha. I think my favorite revenge song is “Kate Mccannon” by Colter Wall. 


LH And you’ve added a further string to your bow by joining the amazing Song Suffragettes …..one of my favorite shows to catch whenever I’m in Nashville. What does it mean to you to be involved with this fierce group of female artists? 

BJ It’s amazing, and empowering! It was the first time I was nervous to play on a stage in awhile. I feel blessed. Truly. 

LH As much as plans can be made, how it the rest of 2021 shaping up for you? In particular, any plans for a solo EP/ album? 

BJ Lots of singles. Lots! 

LH  I’ll just finish with a few quick fire bucket-list questions ….
BJ  Dream venue to play? House of Blues 
      Dream writing partner? Chris Stapleton 
      Dream duet partner? Chris Stapleton 
      Dream artist to open for? Chris Stapleton 

 More information about Bailey can be found on her website  www.baileyjamesgang.com and you can follow her on all the usual socials  @BaileyJamesGang 

Don’t forget that there’s plenty more interviews, articles and reviews to be found at thinkcountrymusic.com where we always like to “ bring country closer” 


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