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Getting to Know TexWestus

Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, the duo of Corbin Burgett and Chloe Fowler has set out to carve their own path in the country music scene by mixing the twang of traditional country, lush harmonies, and the guitar-driven energy of rock-n-roll.

Where are you from? Lubbock, Texas

Tell us a bit about your sound and your style. We have very different musical backgrounds that we meshed together to create our sound. As our producer described us, “Van Halen meets Martina McBride meets Lady A meets The Eagles”

What artists would you say influenced you most? Corbin is very influenced by 80s rock bands like Van Halen, Ratt, and White Snake while Chloe is very influenced by 90s country artists like Martina McBride, Keith Whitley, and George Strait. We both have some common ground with Aerosmith and The Eagles!

What is your most recent project? Tell us about that.  We just released our latest single, Lonestar, on February 12. We wrote it about our experiences with the Texas Music Scene and how ridiculous it can be. We think of it as our “Girl in a Country Song” to the TMS.

You also can find it on Spotify and Apple Music


Are you playing any live shows or live streams where people can see you performing? Yes, we have several great shows coming up this year, including performances with the highly acclaimed Texas artist William Clark Green. We love Will and his team, they have been very good to us. We also have been blessed to be featured on several great online Country Music outlets, like the well known ‘Country Rebel’ page, along with several others like this. 

How has the pandemic affected your music career? What have you done differently, and have you discovered any new, positive methods of creating during this time?  It has been a great time of learning and growing. Everything happens for a reason, so we worked on finding that reason. We learned a lot about the music business/industry itself, not just performing and writing songs. We have worked very hard to make sure 2021 is as successful as possible. We also were blessed with a wonderful experience writing with some of Nashville’s top writers, and then recording a great new project at SoundStage Studios (release date TBD).

If we were to come to a live show, what could we expect to see? What would the experience be like? EXTREME. Everything we do, we do it in the biggest, and most spectacular way possible. Soaring vocals and harmonies, HUGE guitar and guitar solos, massive rhythm section and a killer light show. Each moment in the show is tweaked to as close to perfection as we can get. It is our aim for you to be speechless and become a new die-hard fan. This is the kind of energy we aim to also capture in our recorded music.

When you aren’t doing music, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? We are complete homebodies when we aren’t traveling! We love a good Netflix binge session while cuddled up on the couch with our dogs! We also love having our friends over for game nights and cookouts!

What’s next? Goals for the next couple of years? National releases, hopefully pick up a tour with a well known artist, lots of big festivals, and making tons of new fans! It’s all about reaching the people and we are doing our best to make that happen.

Finally, because we are THINK COUNTRY, when you “Think Country,” what do you think? Being a decent human being, with values and good morals. A more focused way of life on the people/things that really matter. Giving thanks to God for all He has given us, and making sure He gets the glory. Being with grandpa on the tractor, or sitting in the barn just listening to the wind. We think of songs like “Sweet Southern Comfort” by Buddy Jewel, “Born Country” by Alabama, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack, or “You’ve Got to Stand for Something” by Aaron Tippin.


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