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Getting To Know Lilly Winwood


Photo credit: Tim West

Lilly Winwood is a total East Nashville Brit.  She recently cut her hair and when asked about that choice, she answered it was symbolic of change. She divulged that she was eight months sober. Her life took a drastic change, so she forged the commitment by chopping off the locks. “Longhaired Lilly was unhealthy Lilly.” She seemed proud of herself to say that.  I was touched to hear her say it. Her music vibe is Americana-smashes-into-early-Trisha-Yearwood. From her perspective, “It’s folky, Roxy, throw a little country in there too.”  She loves Bonnie Raitt and says Susan Tedeschi is her pre-live show inspiration. 

Lilly’s debut album, Time Well Spent, was written a couple years ago, but just released independently. She expressed wanting to have control over her own work as the reason for not selecting management or a label at this point. 

Photo credit: Tim West

A good example would be Allen Thompson co-producing the record with Alex Munoz. Allen convinced her by saying (in the voice of Cher Horowitz), “Hellooooo? I’ve never produced anything, but I’d looooove to work with you.” (I like to imagine they are smoking in this scenario as well.) The team recorded everything in one room, full kick-ass band in a beautiful, renovated studio basement, 20 minutes outside of Nashville.  

All the perks of being an indie artist. 

Lovingly, Lil referred to her first show back as a tease. Lightning 100, one of Nashville’s most respected radio and online outlets, hosted Lilly Winwood of Gloucestershire and her full band at 3rd & Lindsley, one of Nashville’s most esteemed venues. The platform, nugs.net, streamed from COVID-capacity Music City in March to an anxiously awaiting world.  

Photo credit: Tim West

Her mother, a Tennessean, escaped British lockdown by coming back to the states in October 2020, and was in elated attendance at the Lightning 100, 3rd & Lindsley show. 

October of last year was the last time Lilly had seen her family in England

She several times said she misses the country of Gloucestershire, “no limits, horses, beautiful landscape and her family.” 

But she adds, “I love my home in East Nash. I run into somebody I know every day.” She and her neighbors all play music together. The neighborhood crew say someday they will have a band named after their street, which speaks to the closeness of Nashville boroughs. 

Guilty pleasure – TikTok. Although she’s only posted a few, she can’t get enough watching YouTube rabbit holes. 

Fave emojis – purple devil, eye roll and monkey covering eyes. 

Photo credit: Tim West

Lilly has gone off Netflix but loves HBO Max for dark adult cartoons like Rick and Morty and dark comedy such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Interesting fact – Her sister’s husband’s aunt is married to Prince Charles and she can deliver a mean American accent.

The standout song from her last album changes daily, but as of this interview her favorite is “Nameless”. Lilly even took a minute to serenade us during her shoot. 

When asked the favorite song of her father’s, Steve Winwood, she said she gravitates toward his more obscure work. A tune, “Fly,” with an airy flute solo, came to her mind. She recalled the metaphorical lyrics from “John Barleycorn Must Die” and insisted I Google them. Her family has toured together in the past, but her father, fearful of COVID, felt it necessary to take full precautions and get vaccinated. Lilly herself, suffered a bout of the virus a while back in East Nashville and has also opted for the COVID jab. She has felt no side effects. Needless to say, she’s looking forward to getting back on the road after the world’s long COVID hiatus. 

Photo credit: Tim West

Lilly was at total ease in front of the camera. She surrounds herself with music, whether it be in love, work, play or community. She chooses creatives to chill with her spirit. Aren’t we are all happy for individuals strong enough to take the positive, forward-moving steps of Lilly Winwood of Gloucestershire? Music devotees will love Lilly Winwood’s breed of Americana-Country in her debut album Time Well Spent.  

Photo credit: Tim West

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*Featured photo credit: Tim West


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