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Cheley Tackett To Release THE LAST LIVE May 21st – Final Live Recorded Album From Nashville’s Iconic Douglas Corner

Photo credit: Katie Kessel of Roaring Frog Photography

Cheley Tackett is one of Nashville’s most well-known and revered singer/songwriters in both the country and Americana genres. She’s collaborated with some of the best in the business, including Ashley McBryde, Lisa Carver, Randall Clay and many other hit songwriters. Tackett is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Last Live, her acoustic-solo performance recorded at Douglas Corner in Nashville, Tennessee on August 24, 2019. The album title says it all. It truly was the very last live performance recorded at the venue before it closed its doors forever on May 30, 2020 due to the pandemic.

Image courtesy of Cheley Tackett & PLA Media

Cheley Tackett’s live album will release to all major online retailers on May 21, 2021, nearly one year to the day that Douglas Corner shut down for the last time.

“We recorded my annual birthday bash show and thought we’d release the resulting album in spring 2020. Turns out, we all sat at home in lockdowns and live music ceased to exist. Douglas Corner was one of the first venues forced to permanently close its doors. What Douglas Corner has meant to me and the history that it held for Music City is indescribable. Lingering in the brick walls we all leaned against on the busiest nights are melodies and applause from shows and songwriter rounds performed by no-names, some that became known names, and a few that became household names. I hope these tracks help preserve a small sliver of this beloved venue.” ~ Cheley Tackett.

The former owner of the iconic Douglas Corner Cafe, Mervin Louque, engineered, mixed and mastered the recording. He remembered that evening, “Whether derived from her upbringing, or her experiences with love and relationships, Cheley Tackett’s songs and performances can leave even strangers feeling as if they have a personal relationship with her.”

Photo credit: Katie Kessel of Roaring Frog Photography

The Last Live Track List:

  1. The Universe Has an Incredible Sense of Humor
  2. Up Here (Lisa Christian, Cheley Tackett)
  3. Sad Songs Make Me Happy
  4. Play the One I Like (Rick Tiger, Cheley Tackett, Nicole Witt)
  5. Prolific People
  6. $2 Bill (Mark Stephen Jones, Cheley Tackett)
  7. Big Hair (Ashley McBryde, Cheley Tackett, Nicole Witt)
  8. Feeling Pretty Amorous
  9. I Like You a Little Drunk (Randall Clay, Cheley Tackett)
  10. Aunt Helen & the Dancing Couple
  11. Jerusalem Ridge (Cheley Tackett)
  12. The Room Got Silent
  13. When We Knew It All (Cheley Tackett)
  14. Homegrown (Cheley Tackett)
  15. The Healer (Randall Clay, Cheley Tackett)
  16. National Television Debut
  17. Fried Chicken (Lisa Christian, Cheley Tackett)
  18. Kill Somebody in a Song
  19. Save Yourself (Lisa Carver, Steff Mahan, Cheley Tackett)
  20. Stay Clever
  21. Feelin’ a Little Lonely (Cheley Tackett)
  22. My Best Dress (Randall Clay, Ashley McBryde, Cheley Tackett)
  23. Good for Me (Cheley Tackett)
  24. Penny Wishes (Cheley Tackett)

To preorder/presave The Last Live please visit https://cheley-tackett.square.site/?fbclid=IwAR3HfUDEP4jzgqurOs1-SUJolYNyvainn62K-48GBKcgkHR1DWRi2ruSgjA

To keep up with all things Cheley Tackett please visit her website at https://cheleytackett.com/

Also follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheleytackettmusic/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheleytackett/

Photo credit: Katie Kessel of Roaring Frog Photography

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*Featured photo credit: Katie Kessel of Roaring Frog Photography


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