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Southern Junction EP Review by Claire Weston

When Southern Junction announced that they were spending time in the studio recording their debut EP, i couldn’t wait to hear the finished result. I fell in love with their music after seeing a YouTube video for their song ‘Crazy’ maybe a year or so ago.

The EP starts with the soft keys intro of ‘Inescapable’ before Katie Jayne’s vocals begin. A song full of heartfelt lyrics and incredible harmonies is the perfect opening track; “It’s not hurting anyone to leave my heart out on the floor”. I love the contrast that second song ‘Crazy’ offers, which kicks off with an upbeat guitar intro and Carlos’ vocals. ‘Crazy’ will always be my favourite Southern Junction song, and the recorded version is slick and polished.

I love that the songs are written about personal experiences, and not just using country music stereotypes, as it makes them so much more relatable and easier to connect with. ‘I Want To’ is next, a reflective song that really slows down the pace. I love how raw the emotions in the song are; “I’m looking through the glass at a life that i can’t have. But I want to”.

Title track ‘Running Out Of Time’ picks up the tempo once again, and features an awesome electric guitar riff in the middle. It’s a real feel-good song, that also shows off a different side of both Katie and Carlos’ vocals. Appropriately named ‘Song 5’ is the fifth and final song of the EP and made its radio debut on Think Country’s takeover show of Weymouth’s Air 107.2 station. With a stunning keys intro and more incredible harmonies, the EP comes full circle and finishes with the powerful lyric “Tell me what i got to lose” before fading out.

It’s a bittersweet experience listening to such a fantastic EP and knowing that we may not hear anymore from Southern Junction, as Katie is headed back to Australia indefinitely in a few weeks time. The EP was recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, and produced by Justin Johnson. It showcases everything that Southern Junction has been about, all the hard work they have put into their music and songwriting, and is well worth a spot in your music collection.

The EP is officially being launched at Eden in Bournemouth on August 4th, so i hope to see you there too. Tickets are just £4, available from http://www.countrytickets.co.uk/#event_id=nblal1dw.

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