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Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers @ The Electric Ballroom by Amy Westney


These Texas born group have long been friends with the boys of The Cadillac Three. Between that and sharing management, it came about that on this European tour the group would have the opportunity to join them on the adventure.

Despite the clear business and personal links that lead to this pairing it was clear when the band came on stage and began playing why they were there. They share that same gritty, dirty, souther rock kind of country sound that seemed like it could never be replicated. It’s certainly not like for like as both bands have their own style but for fans of this heavier country style, Whiskey Myers are another one to add to the favourites list.


There was a huge cheer from the audience as the lights went up to reveal the guys on stage and they kicked into their first song. I would challenge anyone in that room to say they are not a fan after catching this performance. Despite growing up in Texas, a place where traditional country roots are treasured, the authenticity of their heavy southern country music was oozing from every pore.

Cody Cannon, the lead singer donned his electric guitar whilst delivering some kick ass vocals which resonated throughout the room with every note. He seemed to revel being up on stage, as did the rest of the band, which made it that much more enjoyable to watch. Their latest European release is a mash up of their 3 previous US releases and so they played a nice mix of old and new, allowing the crowd to really get to know them and understand what it is they do. They mixed the heavy in with the soft to create fantastic contrasts in the set.

I for one hope that they come back at a later date to do their own headline tour. Playing to venues of 2000+ on each night of this Cadillac Three tour means they are going to have built up a pretty great fan base for themselves here. If nothing else I will be there!




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