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The Cadillac Three

The Cadillac Three playing an acoustic show at RetroVibe Records in Cardiff written by David England


If you saw four sodden adults doing that running, walking, panting thing in Cardiff on Saturday, that would have been us. With the promise of an acoustic session at Retro­Vibe records by the southern gods The Cadillac Three you can imagine the stress of your taxi turning up late and dropping you at the wrong end of the high street.

Retro Vibe is one of those proper record stores that you remember going to in your youth, if you’re of a certain age. Full to the brim with vinyl it has a certain smell and if you’re in Cardiff it’s well worth popping in, I saw a good collection of country CD’s. Kudos to them for getting this gig.

There were around 25­-30 people milling about outside the store waiting for the band to turn up and glancing towards the castle I saw three of the coolest people in Cardiff strutting towards us. With a yellow Miller ‘ball cap, ripped jeans and boots coming closer, it could only be The Cadillac Three being fashionably late. We needn’t of nearly killed ourselves running up the street.

With only a small amount of tickets available, 80, and according to Facebook a reserve list was in operation, it was a surprise to see a small amount of people outside. It wasn’t until the doors were officially opened that you realised there was a large group of people already in the store downstairs. By the time we got through the doors it was packed. With no chance to get any sort of vantage point, they were positioned behind the thickest pillar and smallest stools in Cardiff, we just had to make do with listening to them.


With the first few chords of “Days of Gold” started it didn’t matter that you couldn’t see them as the PA set up was perfectly. The stripped back sound filling the Welsh capital city. With Peace, Love & Dixie up next, I thought it would probably be a good idea for some up photos. The problem was I was staring at a giant Guns & Roses poster and a few very large tall men. Passing my phone up
to the chap he managed to get a few decent shots, however the ones with this review are from Charlie Farley of the TC3 Drinking Club.

Through the PA came the wonderful opening line on “White Lightning” and the crowd were singing along. I’m not sure how to describe Jaren’s voice other than, it’s perfect. Whether it’s down and dirty or if fits just right, with an encore of “The South” it left everyone in no doubt that tonight was going to be an epic gig.

On a final point, the boys stayed behind to meet everyone who came and to sign pictures, CD’s, T­-Shirts as well as pose for photos, with everyone. It really was top stuff.

Please can we have more acoustic sessions next time, but next time raise ‘em up.


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