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TC in Conversation with Sean McConnell at The Long Road Festival

Before I spoke to him at this years Long Road Festival I didn’t quite appreciate the extent of how Sean McConnell was almost a go-to guy for so many artists across the music industry having penned songs for Tim McGraw, Brothers Osborne, Martina McBride and even Christina Aguilera in addition to an accomplished back catalogue of his own which his most recent release ‘Secondhand Smoke‘ earlier this year which was his thirteenth album release. Not bad going at 34 years old! Add to this more recent hits he has written that are familiar to the UK country audience such as Brett Young’s ‘Mercy’ and Little Big Town’s latest single ‘The Daughters‘ it is no surprise he has quickly become a favourite for European audiences following dates with both Ashley Monroe earlier this year and more recently with Ashley McBryde.

Sean McConnell on why more people are making the conscious effort to make playing for European audiences a priority:

I think for a lot of reasons. The audiences seem to be very hungry for the type of music, they’re very respectful, ready to listen and take in whatever you’re bringing which makes our job very easy to perform. Also just the travel aspect as it’s just amazing to come and get to see things you’ve always wanted to see, meet new people and eat different food!

Sean McConnell on what he personally enjoys about coming to Europe:

There’s this restaurant I go to every time I’m in London called Maggie Jones’s (in Kensington) I really enjoy but I pretty much enjoy a lot of the things you find over here. Normally it is kind of show to show to show but I try if I’ve got a few hours during the day to go and find something to do or see as I love exploring.

Sean McConnell on his initial impressions of The Long Road Festival:

Honestly apart from some interviews, I haven’t got to see much of the festival yet but it feels very similar to a lot of the festivals so far but I haven’t been on stage yet and I haven’t seen any music, I just arrived about an hour ago. I have 2 sets today so I’ll be checking some stuff out between them but it’s gorgeous here, it’s very pretty.

Sean McConnell on plans post the busy European tour:

After this next tour over here, I’ll go home and I’ve got some shows in the States to perform and a lot of songwriting for other artists as well as myself as I try to figure out what my next record is gonna be. Just getting started with that.

Sean McConnell on his songwriting process:

I write pretty much all the time, I take some time off when I feel like I need a break to let my brain reset itself but I’m always looking for inspiration and I’m constantly writing songs.

Like so many of the interviews at this years Long Road Festival, it seemed far too brief as this is someone that people really are beginning to appreciate in his own right as an artist in the UK in addition to his master-craft of being an established hit songwriter.


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