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Meet Shotgun Jefferson

1. Where are you from?
 I grew up in Southern California and what used to be a small town called Rancho Cucamonga. It’s not so small anymore

2. Tell us a bit about your sound and your style.
: it might sound cliché but it is kind of hard to classify us as one specific type of sound or style. We all have different musical influences and backgrounds. I tend to lean more towards the heartfelt and authentic ballads or edgy rock grooves when it comes to country. I love my rock music, I love soul-like funk in Motown. I love pop. I love country artists like Jason Aldean and brothers Osborne for that edgy vibe and I love some of the old-school greats like Johnny Cash. And I think somewhere you’ll find bits and pieces of that in all of our music. But I’d say all in all we are a high-energy country-rock band. There’s a little bit of an outlaw or rock style.

3. What artists would you say influenced you most?
 I have so many influences. If you’re talking country I’d say, Jason Aldean, Brothers Osborne, Eric Church, Garth Brooks, Johnny cash. But I absolutely love artists like Michael Jackson, The Temptations, The four tops, Pantera, Van Halen. The list goes on and on. I think the one trait I have in common with the music I like is I can appreciate a good live performer. And so most of the music I like isn’t just good singers they’re excellent live performers and that is certainly influenced me. I’m never gonna leave anyone bored if you come and see us perform.

4. What is your most recent project? Tell us about that.
We will be live-streaming a show for The Red Cross on April 9th for Covid Relief

5. Are you playing any live shows or live streams where people can see you performing?
Yes, thank the Lord things are starting to open up a little bit. In the last month, we’ve gone from doing virtually nothing in terms of performances to the floodgates starting to open back up. We have some shows up north in Southern California and in some other states with some more on their way. You can check our Facebook and other social media outlets for our calendar of the tour and show dates.

6. How has the pandemic affected your music career? What have you done differently, and have you
discovered any new, positive methods of creating during this time?
 The pandemic has been disastrous for many people. The first to get hit was the entertainment business. It left us wondering if this was ever going to end and would we ever be able to perform again? I imagine many artists I felt the way I felt and I have to be honest it has been a very sad and discouraging time. But the positive that I got from it actually didn’t necessarily come musically. It came from my faith. I found myself having to lean more on God and trusting in him. So my relationship grew with Jesus during this time. I don’t honestly know how or where I would’ve been without him. and for that, I’m eternally thankful. That’s what kept me afloat and fighting to stay the course with my music. Every time I get discouraged (which was a lot) he showed me a sign or put something in my path that lets me know but he was with me and to keep on. That he wasn’t done with me or my music. And then turn that has reflected on the camaraderie that I now have with my band members. So even through tragedy, we found our blessings.

7. If we were to come to a live show, what could we expect to see? What would the experience we
well as I stated before, we are a high-energy kick you in the teeth live band. And you can expect to sing-along, dance-along, scream and interact with us from the stage. Even the coolest or shyest person in the room will be at least Tapping their foot and nodding their head before the night’s through or we didn’t do our job.

 8. When you aren’t doing music, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
 Music is around me always. I run a DJ business. So when I’m not performing, I am DJing. When I’m not DJing or performing I am with my family and sometimes both. Being a father is, even more, a part of my soul the music. I suppose You can describe me in three words. God, family, and music. I can’t live without all three.

9. What’s next? Goals for the next couple of years?
Well, we’re all waiting to see how this pandemic plays out. We’re hoping it’s not fool’s gold as things start to open up only to be shut back down again. So if things go according to plan our goal is to have some songs on the radio it’s in between across the country and beyond. Our goal is to climb at least 100 feet more of that mountain where our dreams are waiting for us.

10. Finally, because we are THINK COUNTRY, when you “Think Country,” what do you think?
 lol well, it’s kind of funny since I just mentioned it. But when I think country I think of God, family,  country (like pride in the country we live in), and music. I think of good people, good times. I think of family and friends and people coming together to help one another. To be neighborly and authentic the way life and people used to be in general. I’ve always said I grew up in the city but my values have always been country.

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