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Interview With TC3 Drinking Club Co-Founder Kay Ford

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

The Cadillac Three. A band like no other. Their website bio says, “When it comes to straddling the line between rowdy country music and rebellious hard rock, no one does it better than The Cadillac Three. Name another band that can play a country festival with Florida Georgia Line or Keith Urban one day and then jet off to the U.K. to share the stage with Metallica or Slayer the next.” Their fans enthusiastically hashtag their TC3 videos with #bestbandever and if you’ve seen them perform live, you fully understand all of this. They’re so unique, they’ve even created their own genre. They call it Country Fuzz. What’s even more astounding is this is a trio. Three guys just doin’ their thing and creating some impressive sounds on stage. A band like this comes around every once in a… never mind. A band like this comes around once and they’re it. That’s how unlike anything else they are.

Photos courtesy of 90 East Photography/Think Country

According to Wikipedia, The Cadillac Three (originally The Cadillac Black) formed in 2011. So, in the larger scheme of things, they haven’t been around that long. What’s interesting, however, is their unofficial fan club, TC3 Drinking Club, better known as TC3DC, didn’t start until a few years after. Prior to that, there wasn’t one place fans of the band could gather to share photos and concert stories or talk about the music. Every fan was an island to themselves, so to speak. That all changed when Kay Ford noticed them. This is her story, as told to me on a beautiful April day in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Kay Ford, along with Will Carter from the UK, co-founded TC3DC and things got a whole lot better for fans of the band, from Nashville to London and beyond.

I met with Kay at a coffee shop she suggested, the Billy Goat Coffee Cafe in Mt. Juliet. I’m mentioning the location because it deserves a plug. It was my first time there and I will certainly return. They made a mean cappuccino and a delicious turkey bacon club sandwich. Kay enjoyed a keto-friendly bowl of soup. It was comfortable and the decor is country funkadelic. We were never made to feel rushed to vacate our table while we talked either. A great place to meet for business or pleasure. Without a doubt, Billy Goat Coffee Cafe gets the Think Country Stamp of Approval. Visit their website at https://billygoatcoffeecafe.com/

I’ve been wanting to interview Kay Ford for quite some time, and we did try a while back, but some things got in the way and we decided to wait. As the pandemic seems to be lifting a bit, this was a great time to get it done. TC3 Drinking Club calls Facebook its base. Although they have other social media sites (Twitter, Instagram), the place to join them is on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TC3DrinkingClub. I’ve been a member of the group for quite a while myself. I guess I should mention, I’m a fan too.

As a member of the club, I became aware of Kay and Will early on. I also learned very quickly that Kay was no ordinary fan group founder. Almost as if it was meant to be, two forces came together. A band that pretty much defies explanation, they need to be experienced, and a rather unassuming adult woman who, on the surface, looks like she might be more comfortable at a more mainstream country show. Perhaps a quiet supporter of someone like Martina McBride or George Strait. The truth is, when they created The Cadillac Three and Kay Ford, they smashed the mold on both. Neither one fits any known stereotype.

Once I actually met Kay at a TC3 show (I’m not sure which one), my curiosity lit up even further. Her demeanor didn’t fit what I would normally imagine a fan group founder to be. She was friendly and happy to be at the show, but at least outwardly, she wasn’t showing signs of being super-enthusiastic. One might say she was pretty low-key. I was intrigued. In my travels throughout Facebook and its various fan pages, I’d seen a lot of craziness. I always looked at Kay’s TC3 Drinking Club as sort of a “no bullshit” zone. I liked that, and I think others did too. I suspected Kay wanted it that way herself and must have taken a business-like approach to keeping it like that. Fun, but nothing fancy, and once again, “no bullshit.” Rather than being a giddy fangirl heading up the group, it was a responsible adult with her head securely in place.

So, who is Kay Ford and what makes her tick? Well, she’s originally from Memphis, Tennessee. She got married and moved to Los Angeles, California with her husband and lived there for 30 years before finally coming back east and settling in Nashville. Her husband’s family came from the Middle Tennessee area, so there was a connection here, but for the most part, Nashville was just a good location for the type of work she was seeking at the time. Kay discovered the job market here was ripe for software developers, a field she was trained in.

Kay grew up in the 1970s listening to a lot of classic rock, “with a heavy dose of southern rock.” She was drawn to groups like Lynyrd Skynyd, Molly Hatchet and the Allman Brothers Band. What’s fascinating is when she came to Nashville, she wasn’t listening to any music. Not a fan of 80s music in general, she had tuned out of anything that was current at the time. She felt much of the music in that era was “boring and corporate.” Concert ticket prices began to spike during that decade as well, which was another reason she gave up listening to the radio most of the time. For a person who was heavy into music in her teens and twenties, it was a sharp change in her habits.

It’s good that she decided to start listening to a little bit of country music again around 2012-2013 though. It was January of 2014 that Kay Ford first heard The Cadillac Three’s song, “The South” on Nashville country music station WSIX The Big 98. She actually remembered what month and year it was, and she rolled that date out fast. She didn’t think about it, she didn’t look it up as we were talking, she just knew it. I had a feeling right then that everything I thought about Kay was probably true. She’s kind of a machine. Not a loud, annoying one, just someone who knows a lot of stuff and stores it in carefully-managed files in her mind. It was also apparent that The Cadillac Three made a giant impression on her the first time she heard that song.

Video courtesy of The Cadillac Three and YouTube

She knew she wanted the song, but at that point had never downloaded or streamed music before in her life. Being a smart woman who wanted something, she taught herself how to do that. She purchased a flash drive so she could plug it into her car and listen to the album and the single and that’s where everything began, she listened to nothing else for four months straight. Soon after that, she found out The Cadillac Three was doing a show at Dave & Buster’s and she went. She said, “That first year I liked them, they just kept playing around Nashville. They played Dave & Buster’s, Whiskey Jam, CMA Fest, Guitar-B-Que and the Jake Owen BMI parking lot party. Then they did a free show in Martin, Tennessee, so I went to that. So, I saw them about ten times that first year.”

The idea for starting a fan group first came to Kay at the Guitar-B-Que show put on by The Big 98 radio station. She mentioned it to a couple of fellow fans at the show and their initial reaction was, “You’re crazy. They’re not that big.” That didn’t change Kay’s mind at all. She told them she was going to do it anyway, but it was still just a thought in her head. She had no idea how to do it or where to do it. Over that year, Kay started meeting more TC3 fans at shows and becoming Facebook friends with them. One fan who became her Facebook friend was Will Carter. She explained what happened with that. “Will was already pretty active on Facebook and active in music in the UK. So, we had a group discussion on his page or somebody’s else’s page, and I said that I’d really like to start a fan club and some other people said they’d help me. Will was one of them and there were a couple more people, and they did help.”

Will suggested they start a Facebook group, so they did. Kay was unfamiliar with Facebook groups, so she credits Will with getting that ball rolling. Both Will and Kay were already Facebook friends with The Cadillac Three’s drummer Neil Mason, and they let him know they were starting a fan group. He was perfectly okay with it, so they moved forward. Then on December 22, 2014, TC3 Drinking Club was born. It first appeared as a fan group on Facebook and was initially thought to be a place for people to meet up, post photos, ask questions or just talk about the music. Kay told me, “That was my main thing. I didn’t really know anybody that knew who they were or liked them, and I just wanted someone to talk about the music with. That’s what Facebook is perfect for.”

Right out of the gate the Facebook page had about 25 members. It was simply a place for fans of the band to virtually hang out together. Membership grew slowly and gradually. There were no expectations on how many members they would eventually have. The intention of the group was just somewhere for TC3 fans to find each other, talk and share photos and videos and that’s exactly what it was. As of this writing, the group sits at 6.7K members. As Kay mentioned, there are groups out there with much higher numbers, but because there’s never been any goal of reaching a certain number, that doesn’t concern her. One of the first members to join was drummer Neil Mason and he continues to be as active as possible to this day. Kay noted that 6,700 members isn’t some amazing number, mentioning that the Whiskey Myers fan group blew up much faster and eventually became an official fan club. It needs to be stressed that TC3 Drinking Club is not an official fan club for The Cadillac Three. It has always been completely free to join and is just a place for fans to meet on Facebook.

Out of those 6,700 members, Kay estimates about 10-15% of them are very active on the Facebook page. She said most people that join are heavily involved to start with, but a good majority then drop off to some degree. “The numbers are always changing,” she explained. “The 10 percent that were active last year aren’t the same 10 percent that are active this year.” At the start, the group had a lot of members from the UK, because Will Carter was another page Administrator. The UK numbers have dropped off a bit since Will left his Administrator post a while ago, but not by much. His photography business began to take up more of his time, and Kay was quick to say that “Will’s a genius” when it comes to taking photos. They remain friends and he’s still a fan of the band. She does have other people serving as Administrators so she isn’t overwhelmed.

The most important thing to note is the reason the club exists is still the same as it was the very first day it started. It prides itself on its simplicity. It isn’t full of bells and whistles. It’s a casual hang. “Just a place to post your photos and your videos or talk about the band,” Kay said. “I post things from the band’s Twitter. It kind of runs itself at this point,” she added. In the beginning she would post photos from concerts she’d attended and would try to post something daily just to keep the page active. At this stage of the game, Kay doesn’t need to post to the page every day, even though she still tries to. Other fans are on the page enough to keep it moving. Overall, except for the increase in members, the group remains just as it started out. Or at least that’s the hope. That’s not to say there haven’t been any problems over the years, because just like real life, anytime you get a large group of people in one place, something’s going to happen eventually.

While the club has very few rules, there are a couple that Kay strictly enforces. No politics is a big one. No matter how diplomatically someone might try to sneak that topic in, it won’t fly. Early on anyone could join, and anyone can still try, but it doesn’t mean they’re automatically in. When a potential new member asks to join the group they’ll be asked a few questions, just to be sure they’re really a fan of The Cadillac Three. The questions aren’t difficult, especially if a person really does follow the band. They’ll also be asked to agree to the club’s rules. There are no more free passes when someone wants to join. They absolutely must answer all the questions or they’ll be declined. There are simply too many troublemakers trying to join Facebook groups these days.

This doesn’t mean Kay Ford is running the place like a ruthless social media dictator. It only means she got tired of doing a lot of extra work. For a long time, if someone requested to join and didn’t answer the questions, she would take a look at their profile page to see if they truly appeared to be a fan of the band, or music in general. If they seemed legitimate, she’d allow them to come in. As the number of requests grew, so did the amount of time it took to look into all of these potential members. Finally, she made the decision to start declining anybody that skipped the questions. The bottom line is if you want to join TC3 Drinking Club, just answer the questions. It’s easy.

In addition to the fans working to keep the Facebook group up and running by making their own posts, Neil Mason has been extremely helpful by posting show set lists and occasionally jumping on whenever time allows. Although the other two band members, Jaren Johnston and Kelby Ray aren’t as active on the page as Neil, they’ve been known to pop in from time to time. Kay tells me that Kelby has been especially good with helping her out if things are getting a little dicey for some reason. Occasionally, members might get into heated debates that need to be dealt with. He’s far from being the fan group policeman, but Kay just gives Kelby the heads up whenever she happens to see anything that might blow up into a bigger problem. He’ll then hop on the page and try to diffuse the situation. She really appreciates that he takes the time to do that. Thankfully, those things don’t come along very often, which speaks volumes about the type of fans TC3 has. They’re generally a pretty relaxed bunch. In general, the problems are few and she’s taken the right steps to make sure things stay that way.

Photo courtesy of 90 East Photography/Think Country

I said earlier that TC3DC is not the official fan club of the band and that’s true. There is one though. The Country Fuzz Fan Club is the one official band fan club. Just like other official fan clubs, this one will cost you a bit of cash, but the perks are great. You can check it out for yourself right here https://www.countryfuzzfanclub.com/. While the official club doesn’t technically have anything to do with TC3 Drinking Club, there have been some instances where the two have come together. Kay was invited to a Zoom meeting in May of 2020 where the new official fan club idea was being presented. The band and its management team were sincerely interested in Kay’s thoughts on the subject which she appreciated. It’s also obvious the band appreciated all she had done up until that point. They valued her opinion enough to include her. This should give you some indication of how closely they have worked together at different times, it’s something Kay is grateful for, but certainly never expected.

Image courtesy of The Cadillac Three

Another example of TC3’s management showing they value TC3 Drinking Club happened when the band was about to release its album Country Fuzz. Kay was asked to help out with a Twitter promotion that involved the album’s track titles. It ran like a game of sorts with fans from TC3DC being a part of it. I remember it well and took part in it. It was a lot of fun and a terrific way to introduce the new project at the time. “The whole concept was really clever and that all came from their management,” Kay remarked. It was about that same time that they informed Kay of their plans for the new, official fan club and let her know they would be contacting her about it. As we know now, those plans became The Country Fuzz Fan Club, which is doing very well. What Kay was unsure about back then was what would happen to TC3 Drinking Club. She asked if they wanted her to shut down the fan page so it didn’t interfere with the official club, but they were fine with it staying right where it was. Although both groups cater to fans of the band, they each have their own purpose. It’s a huge credit to the band’s management that they recognized that.

Very recently the band came out with a new texting platform. This is a trend that’s becoming popular with many artists. A dedicated phone number is available for fans to send texts directly to the band. In turn, the band can text those fans back. It’s a fun way to keep up with artists, but there are limitations that fans need to understand. Artists that take part in this platform receive many texts from their fans. They can’t always respond immediately, or maybe at all. The best advice is to be patient. Just when you think you’ll never hear back from them, you might. It all depends on their schedules as to how often they can be really active with it. For example, I sent The Cadillac Three a text on Saturday afternoon. After hearing nothing, I assumed I never would. Today is Monday and I got a text response. It’s a great surprise when you do get something back. It made me smile this morning when I saw the notification.

Image courtesy of Patti McClintic

Kay was thankful the band’s management shared the texting promotion with TC3DC and allowed them to post it on the Facebook group page. Once again, it’s another way both the official fan club and TC3 Drinking Club are working in concert with each other. Kay is all about doing the right thing when it comes to the band and its management team. She appreciates that they put their trust in her.

To take part in the new platform, simply text TC3DC to (615) 802-6692. You’ll immediately get an automatic reply asking you to add The Cadillac Three to your contacts. When you do that, they’ll have your number in their system as well. After that you’re good to go. Send them a text whenever you like, just be cool and don’t bombard them every few minutes until they answer. Give them a little time. If a few days go by and you don’t hear anything, try again. They’re only human and they’re really busy guys.

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

There are quite a few words I could use to describe Kay Ford when it comes to how she runs the club; responsible, trustworthy, efficient, and the list goes on. There just isn’t anyone better to run it. She’s a fan, but she’s a fan with a good head on her shoulders that doesn’t have time for nonsense. She wants it to be fun and useful, but make no mistake, she’ll swiftly put an end to anything that might shed a negative light on the group. It bears repeating, most people are great and don’t cause any trouble. TC3 fans just like to have a good time. Hassles aren’t their thing. They behave themselves. So, now we all understand how Kay handles the club, but what kind of fan is she? After all, you know she was passionate enough about them to want to start the club in the first place. We got into that next.

It might not surprise anyone to learn that a woman who runs a tight ship of a Facebook group might also be a pretty organized fan. Although I’d never actually known of anyone being an “organized fan” before, I wasn’t too shocked to find out that Kay Ford actually keeps a spreadsheet of The Cadillac Three shows she attends. She has all the pertinent information included on it too. Show dates, venues, set lists, all of it. As of today, she has been to 74 TC3 concerts. Her memory is amazing when it comes to many of them as well. She told me some stories about certain concerts that stand out for her.

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

It was her 9th time seeing the band. It was a music industry show at the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee. Although it was an industry show, fans were also invited. Kay recalls that prior to the show starting, there were some music demos of Jaren and Neil playing. She really enjoyed that and after the show she tweeted Jaren to tell him how much she liked hearing those demos. He tweeted her back saying, “Don’t you ever miss a show?” It was obvious by that tweet that he knew there was a fan named Kay Ford who really liked them. She hadn’t yet met anyone in the band in person at that point, so her name was simply becoming familiar with the guys.

It was at the very next show she attended, in Huntsville, Alabama, that an actual in-person connection was made. Kay watched the concert from the very front of the venue (as most TC3DC members like to do) and at some time during the show, Jaren made eye contact with her and she kind of smiled. She knew immediately that he had figured out who she was. She still didn’t meet them, but as she told me, “There was just some recognition that there’s a fan named Kay and there she is. It was very cool.” Then at yet another show in Little Rock, Arkansas, she had her first meet and greet with the band. As soon as they saw her approach them, they recognized her.

Photo courtesy of 90 East Photography/Think Country

Kay described what happened at that meet and greet. “They were all like, ‘Oh, hi Kay,’ and they gave me hugs. I was wondering how they all knew who I was. Then when I went to get my photo with them, Jaren said to me, ‘So, how was your drive?’ So, they knew I was from Nashville. I had typed up a bunch of lyrics to get them to sign too. That was in November of 2014 and the next month was when we started the club.”

By the time the club got going in December of 2014, Neil Mason already knew who Kay was. He also knew Will Carter from the time the band had spent over in the UK. In those early years, if fans showed up early to the venue, they would have the opportunity to talk with the guys in the bar before the show started. They had played enough times in the UK that they were familiar with Will, and as Kay said, “They were intrigued by that too. Now they had someone from Nashville and someone from the UK to run their unofficial fan club. That was convenient.”

Photo courtesy of 90 East Photography/Think Country

Favorite moments as a TC3 fan and club founder? Kay Ford has too many to list, but she did manage to nail down a few things she shared with me. She said there have been several times that the band has dedicated songs to her at different shows, which she always appreciates. She was struggling a bit at first trying to think of what moments she wanted to talk about and told me to give her a little time to think on it. So, what did I do? I moved on to an equally difficult question. What was one of her favorite shows ever? Her answer was a quote I’ll never forget. She replied, “That’s really hard. They never don’t give 100 percent. Every show is outstanding. I can remember a few times where more than one of them was fairly ill and they just go up on stage and they do it.”

“They never don’t give 100 percent.”

After several seconds she did start cranking out some shows that she could rank near the top of her list. “The Ryman in 2017 was awesome. The Cannery was awesome. All the shows at The Basement were awesome. There was one in 2016 when they announced the Bury Me In My Boots album. There was another one in 2019 when they announced Country Fuzz, which was CMA Fest week. Those were both really good.”

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

We were then able to revisit the question of favorite moments. She came up with some good ones. For both the second and fifth anniversaries of TC3 Drinking Club, the guys in the band did something a little special for the Facebook group. Here’s The Cadillac Three’s video message to the TC3DC for its second anniversary:

Video courtesy of TC3 Drinking Club and YouTube

For the club’s fifth anniversary, the band wrote a post thanking everyone for their ongoing support. All you need to do is read it to see how much this trio genuinely appreciates everything the TC3 Drinking Club and its members do.

Post image courtesy of TC3 Drinking Club

For Christmas 2020, the guys posted a special Christmas song for the fan group members.

Video courtesy of The Cadillac Three and YouTube

TC3 Drinking Club has been up and at it since December of 2014. Aside from the number of members, it’s remained pretty much the same all along. Will it always be that way or are there plans to do other things? I posed that question to Kay and she quickly responded with, “I think it’s going to be what it is.” She explained that early on when the club started to pick up some steam, she and Will Carter talked with Neil about it maybe becoming an official fan club someday. Of course, with The Country Fuzz Fan Club that didn’t happen, but it was never an actual plan for TC3DC to become official anyway. It was just something they more or less threw around between themselves. This is something Kay is fine with. She appreciates that once the official club did come around, the band and their management cared enough to know what she thought about it, and she stressed that anytime they include her on something, she never takes it for granted.

Kay realizes that most artists would never include the head of a fan group in on band business decisions. It’s rare and she completely understands that. It’s also why she takes everything they bring her in on so seriously. She said there have been many occasions where TC3’s team has shared confidential information with her and she will never divulge any of it to anyone. Take some time to know Kay and you’ll know she means what she says. Don’t try and shake her for any secrets about what the band is up to. Many times she might not know, but even if she does, she’ll be the last person to say a word about it. This is why they all trust her so much.

The point is, Kay Ford doesn’t want any big changes made to the club. She started it for a simple reason and has never felt the need to dress it up. It works well and some things are better left alone. This is one of them. Apart from any special band promotions, don’t look for many detours as far as the fan group is concerned. She likes it just as it is. A place for fans to go and share their love of the band.

Kay said she loves all of The Cadillac Three’s albums, but did admit that the last two have become favorites. Some fans became a little confused, and even disgruntled that the trio changed up their sound on both Country Fuzz and the latest release, Tabasco & Sweet Tea. Both records have a funky edge to them. Kay and I discussed the band’s decision to stray from the style that many fans like best. We are both on the same page and agree that what makes TC3 such a different band is their ability to do what they want, and quite frankly, get away with it. They are who they are and they do what they like. Kay made sure to point out that each of TC3’s members has been heavily influenced by many genres. They wanted to dig into some of those other styles of music when they created their own. That’s what the last two albums are all about, having fun with their craft and doing something a little unusual.

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

As I said right at the beginning of this piece, The Cadillac Three has never been about conforming to anything. That’s what makes them such a special band. Everything they do is because they’ve found a way to buck all the usual industry norms while still being signed to a major label. If they recorded every album to sound like the one before it, they wouldn’t be who they are. They would be just another mainstream country band.. These guys will never be content rolling along at the speed limit. They’re all about living in the fast lane and doing whatever it is that feels right for them. Their music changing from record to record just proves they, as a band, haven’t changed at all. They’re still doing it their way. What’s more, their core sound is still there. If someone played you any given track off those last two albums and didn’t tell you who it was, you would still know it was The Cadillac Three. They’ve done some different things, but when it gets right down to it, there would never be any doubt about who it was.

The Cadillac Three is comprised of three musicians that work well together, but Kay was very clear that each individual member has their own distinct personality. I asked her to describe each of them in a few words. “Kelby is sort of the band ambassador. He’s the one that you’ll always see hanging out after the show and talking to people. Neil is kind of the business/management side of things. He handles the plans and is well-organized. Jaren is just like he is on stage in real life. He’s outgoing and into lots of different kinds of music.”

Speaking of Jaren, Kay also added that he recently appeared on a podcast she recommends fans listen to. I’ve done all the work for you and linked that podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0tqHKh8d5aXVpcJMaw2Gi7?si=S-JQfkVDRDqCNk5C1A2Dtw Jaren joined host Billy Dukes for the March 22nd episode of The Country Music Media Podcast. Definitely check it out, because after she told me about it, I listened and it was great. Very well worth your time, and as is typical with Jaren, he didn’t hold back. That makes for interesting listening.

As we neared the end of our interview, I asked Kay if there were any TC3 Drinking Club members that deserved a special mention for one reason or another. Without missing a beat, she answered that she couldn’t do that because she was sure she would forget someone, and there are a lot of really special members in the group that help carry the load and keep the club a cool place to hang out. She did, however, want to be sure to give Will Carter a shout out. She strongly emphasized that even though they started out as two people that didn’t even know each other, they both worked hard for the first three years to get the club going. A lot of growth was seen in those first few years that Will was still serving as an Administrator. In addition to giving Will Carter the credit he was due, Kay wanted me to mention that he’s an outstanding photographer and to share the link to his business pages. So, please be sure and check out his Facebook page for Two Finger Media here https://www.facebook.com/TwoFingerMedia/ and his website at https://www.twofingermedia.co.uk/. Be sure and drop him a comment and tell him Kay Ford and Think Country sent you.

To wrap things up on a fun note, I had Kay pick a card out of a Chat Pack. That’s a box with hundreds of cards with random questions on them. Her card read, “Describe the most beautiful drive you’ve ever taken.” She had it right away and said, “It was up Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, in California, up through Big Sur and Monterey. My husband and I rented a big RV that I couldn’t drive, but he could. Highway 1 goes along the coast and it’s a two-lane road all the way and it’s right along the ocean. We took it all the way to Oregon and it took five days. Of course, we stopped every night and went to an RV park or a campground. It’s just beautiful because it’s rocks and the ocean and seals and otters. A lot of fantastic things.” My husband and I did the drive up that road from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and as beautiful as it was, it sure was nerve wracking. I was glad I wasn’t driving. Those curves are sharp and all I could imagine was going over a cliff. I related to her story though. The scenery is about as good as it gets. I think anyone who has the chance to make that drive should do it at least once in their life.

Image courtesy of annaeverywhere.com

At the very end of the interview I asked if Kay had any idea whether The Cadillac Three was planning on a United States tour in the near future. Even though things are slowly starting to return to normal a bit here, most anything overseas is still a big question mark. She said she hadn’t heard of a major tour, but the band does have quite a few show dates on their schedule beginning in June, whether or not they will hold steady or be postponed nobody knows. I guess we’ll remain hopeful and wait until those show dates get closer to see what happens. For information on tour dates, please visit The Cadillac Three’s website (link listed at the bottom of the page).

It isn’t hard to sum up my interview with Kay Ford. I’ve already said she’s the right person for the task at hand. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but she’s a diehard TC3 fan. She’s also got an overabundance of the right traits to run a fan group. She’s logical, sensible, responsible, trustworthy and a straight-shooter. She won’t waste anyone’s time beating around the bush. If she wants something to happen, she’ll find a way, even if it means having to learn new things to do it. She says what she means and means what she says. She’s everything any artist could ever want in a fan. If it’s time to be a fan, she’s there, right up front to show her support and enjoy the show. If she’s in fan club founder mode, she’s got the backs of every member of the band and their management team. If Kay Ford is watching the door, they can be sure that imaginary velvet rope will never see anything unwanted slip under it. She can be trusted totally.

As I said to Kay, “That’s what makes you the right person to be doing this. You not only don’t cross any lines you shouldn’t, you don’t let anyone in the group do it either. In fact, you’re so good about that, you don’t ever get within a few feet of that line. You stay back far enough that it won’t ever happen, not even by accident.” She agreed with that completely. Like a boss, Kay Ford steers her ship through the crystal clear waters of a “no bullshit” zone. You can take that to the bank.

Visit The Cadillac Three and connect to all of their social media sites on their website at https://www.thecadillacthree.com/.

For more news, interviews, reviews and features that always bring country closer, please visit http://thinkcountrymusic.com.

Photo courtesy of Kay Ford

*Featured photo courtesy of Kay Ford


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