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Kasey Tyndall Releases Poignant Autobiographical Song “Middle Man”

Photo credit: Emma Kate Golden

River House artist, Kasey Tyndall has released her much-anticipated new single, “Middle Man,” co-written with Lainey Wilson. In contrast to Rolling Stone calling Tyndall a “hard rock country badass,” “Middle Man” brings out her softer side, and tells the tale of Kasey’s childhood, traveling between two homes of her divorced parents.

“Middle Man” isn’t a song about being a victim of divorce. It’s about how it molded me into the person I am today,” shares Tyndall. “My goal is for everyone who hears it to be reminded that no matter what you go through in life, there’s a reason and beauty in it all.”

Tyndall and co-writer Wilson wrote “Middle Man” on their back porch while swapping stories about growing up. The opening lines, “I hope my mamma never hears this song / And I’d hate to make daddy feel guilty” were told honestly as Tyndall’s autobiography lyrically came to life via Wilson’s guitar strings. Tyndall shared her story about meeting at a gas station halfway between Greenville and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. This release marks the first of many this year and the first from Tyndall since 2019. The song was produced by Jacob Rice.

Listen to “Middle Man” HERE.

Look for Kasey Tyndall on the road with country legend Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers this summer. They’ve got 13 dates scheduled throughout the South and Midwest.

Photo credit: Emma Kate Golden

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Photo credit: Emma Kate Golden

*Featured photo credit: Emma Kate Golden


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