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Jess and The Bandits

” Kings of Summer”


I’ve been a fan of Texas gal Jessica Clemmons for several years now, her solo ( soulful pop) material as well as her more recent ( pop country) work as the lead singer with the Bandits.

Vocally she has power and control, lyrically she has written both thought provoking and fun material, and live she is sensational, she’s a force to be reckoned with on many levels. I was excited to hear a new album ” Smoke and Mirrors” is on the way in September, this track being the lead single, but I must admit it doesn’t appeal to me as much as I’d have hoped.

Maybe it is partly as I prefer songs that tackle “meatier” subjects than this one, about  remembering fun, carefree days of Summers gone by? Maybe it’s the nod towards ” bro country” in the chorus ( especially the backing vocals)? Maybe it’s the almost relentless beat and pace ( I love how the track starts I must say, and it does slows down just a bit for the break)? Possibly it’s a combination of all of these!

Lyrically the verses contain some clever lines and paint a fun picture ( ” a Polaroid of cool”) but I can’t understand the analogy in the chorus changing from kings to pirates.

I guess to sum this up, none of the reasons I like Jess and the Bandits material to date are present in this track ( apart from the fun aspect!) But fortunately music is very subjective and I hope there will be other ( younger?) fans who will be shooting me down in flames! It’s definitely released at the correct time of year with its upbeat tempo and summer related theme, and comes just in time for the UK festivals the band are due to
play, but sorry this one’s not for me!


Lesley Hastings
Hi there ( or should I say Howdy Y'all??) So excited to be part of the Think Country team, I am a massive music fan with Country and Americana being my particular passions! Great to see their rise in popularity here in the UK. Just love great lyrics, vocal harmonies and a song with a story! Throw in some steel and I am in heaven..... I have a serious gig-going and cowboy boot collecting habit, which I am sure some of you can relate to! Occasionally I pick up a guitar and try my hand at songwriting. I am also passionate about animal welfare, and have recently left the London rat race behind to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in Buckinghamshire with my rescue dogs and cats. Cowgirl Lesley. xx
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