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CHELSEY JAMES Premieres Rock-Edged New Single “The Men And The Boys”

Photo courtesy of Kore PR

Chelsey James has nothing to hold back in her latest single “The Men And The Boys,” a rock-edged anthem encapsulating all the grit you need to know that the powerhouse country vocalist is here, and here to stay. Take a listen here.

For someone who didn’t even realize her talent until college, Chelsey James has pipes that will shake you to your core and wonder where the heck she’s been all your life. And you won’t be the first to wonder it – James’ impressive musicality has been praised by listeners nationwide, including Nashville’s decorated veteran producer Kenny Lamb, whose name can be found on track credits for artists like ‘N Sync and Rhett Akins.

“Chelsey has a voice made for big melodies and guitar riffs,” Lamb notes. “She is a rare vocalist and a rare performer.”

This all holds true in “The Men And The Boys,” which impeccably showcases James’ vocal strength and the confidence that shines through her performance. The rock-influenced country song comes loaded with distorted guitars and heavy drum beats with a force that screams “don’t mess with me.”

“I wanted to write something that could compete musically with the men who are dominating country music by using the power of a female’s voice,” James explained. “There’s this stigma separating men and women in country music and beyond, but I don’t think it needs to be there; female emotions can take on an energy that’s historically been viewed as masculine and vice versa.”

To learn more about Chelsey James, visit her website at www.chelseyjames.com and follow her on social media @ChelseyJamesMusic.

*Featured image courtesy of Kore PR



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