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CappelloWelsh Management Signs with Perkins Publicity for Exclusive PR Representation

CappelloWelsh Management has signed an exclusive public relations contract with Perkins Publicity for PR representation for their management roster.

CappelloWelsh Management is an artist management and development team with Leslie Cappello as Director of Entertainment and PR and Tia Welsh as Director of Marketing and Operations with an extensive amount of experience in the industry. CappelloWelsh Management was founded in 2019 and currently represents rising artists, Devon Beck, Ryan Moody, and Nathan Merovich. They also work other other talent all across the globe to book them in venues across the country.

Together Leslie and Tia are dedicated to helping others embark on their music and entertainment dreams and are dedicated to their success as well as that of CWM.

Perkins Publicity is a publicity firm specializing in unique PR and marketing campaigns for musicians, events, and management firms. Their one-of-a-kind approach centers around the artist’s image, using new and traditional methods, and taking full advantage of opportunities to influence the artist’s brand. Founded by Trevor Perkins, Perkins Publicity is one of the top publicity firms that showcase results within the industry.

You can learn more about CappelloWelsh Management by visiting www.cappellowelshmgmt.com and connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


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