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ALLIE COLLEEN Releases “Playin’ House” – First Single From Upcoming Debut Album

Nashville singer/songwriter Allie Colleen just announced the release of her single, “Playin’ House,” off her upcoming debut album, Stones. With heartfelt lyrics co-written by Billy Dawson, Jason Matthews and Allie Colleen, the single is the first to be released from this highly-anticipated full-length album. The project was produced by Joe Costa and recorded at Allentown Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. “Playin’ House” is available for digital download and streaming on all platforms here http://smarturl.it/playinhouse?fbclid=IwAR34bV6aGCZJyYRDrTS5iM8Bk5YthMjuoa10Thoy1aGUD1l_7X0liyAW0ew

Beginning April 9th, physical copies of Stones will be available for purchase online at http://alliecolleenmusic.com with a November 19th release on all digital platforms.

“This was one of those song titles and ideas I have had in my song idea book forever. Every co-write, the writers would pass on the idea, but everything fell right into place when Billy and Jason loved the idea. From there, the story came out on its own. Inspired by a relationship between two people I know, came the song all of us hate to relate to… ‘Playin’ House.'” ~ Allie Colleen

“Allie Colleen is one of the best voices I have heard in a long while. She is also a wordsmith when it comes to songwriting. I am so proud of my friend and see huge things coming soon for her!” ~ Billy Dawson

“The hourglass is cracked and leaking sand/Thought by now I’d have a ring on my hand/Six years right down the drain still doing the same damn thing

Tell me should I leave the light on, light on/We’ve been doing this for so long, so long/Can you tell me where we’re going , going/Cause I can’t tell which way the wind is blowing/I want to believe in those sweet things that drip from your mouth/If those words were water then boy I’d be drowning by now/Is this love or are we just playin’–house, house, house/Playin’ – house, house, house

I’ve been pulling petals off a rose/Fell like I’m putting my whole life on hold/Ya love me ya love me but not enough is it time to give up…”

Stones Track List:

  1. Stones (I Don’t Give A…) (Sara Brice, De’Leah Shane, Tony McVaney, Allie Colleen)
  2. Playin’ House (Billy Dawson, Jason Matthews, Allie Colleen)
  3. Don’t Give Your Heart To A Cowboy (Eric Dodd, Allie Colleen)
  4. Vagabond Angels (Steven McMorran, Allie Colleen)
  5. Wildflower (Billy Dawson, De’Leah Shane, Sara Brice, Allie Colleen)
  6. Only Oklahoma (Matt McKinney, Allie Colleen)
  7. Blame It On The Weather (Allie Colleen)
  8. Good As It Gets (Carly Rogers, Kelli Johnson, Allie Colleen)
  9. Well Enough Alone (Kimberly Atwood, Allie Colleen)
  10. Make Me A Man (Eric Dodd, Allie Colleen)
  11. Pink Lemonade (Nora Collins, Nick Donley, Matt McVaney)

Keep up with Allie Colleen on her website at http://alliecolleen music.com and her social media sites listed below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alliecolleenmusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_AllieColleen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alliecolleenmusic/

Music is available on all digital platforms, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Amazon Music and more.

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