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PARMALEE & BLANCO BROWN Release Pop Version Of “Just The Way” With BRYCE VINE

Stoney Creek Records Platinum-selling band Parmalee today released a brand new pop version of their number one smash hit with Blanco Brown, “Just the Way.” The pop version features pop/hip-hop artist, Bryce Vine. The original version recently grabbed that coveted number one spot on the Billboard and Mediabase Country radio charts in the United States and Canada. The new version was co-produced by Andrew Goldstein and David Fanning and will hit pop radio on April 12th.

Photo credit: Athena Kulb

Listen to “Just the Way” (feat. Bryce Vine) here https://parmalee.lnk.to/jtwpop?fbclid=IwAR1CAXEZgQkBi-1y1ZqEFE1Y8iXk-Hwf8-cf14YGaH9YryqqikX9xlXjygY

The upbeat, dance hit was written by Nolan Sipe, Kevin Bard and Parmalee’s Matt Thomas. Blanco Brown, a longtime friend of Parmalee, was asked to be a part of the song thanks to the air of positivity he radiates and his contribution also highlights the song’s message about embracing differences. Adding Bryce Vine (“Drew Barrymore”) adds a new level of excitement to the mix.

“Just the Way” going number one at country radio and connecting on so many other platforms is amazing – and doing it with a friend like Blanco, even more so. Bryce adds another element to the song, giving it a whole new feel – we’re thrilled to have him on it.” ~ Matt Thomas, Parmalee

“I was psyched to get the call to jump on this already amazing song with Parmalee and Blanco Brown. I’ve always loved dipping into different genres and styles, so this gave me a great excuse to put my cowboy hat on.” ~ Bryce Vine

The original version of “Just the Way” was also produced by David Fanning and released in 2019. It saw early streaming success before going to radio. It has since amassed more than 160 million on-demand streams in the US alone (with millions more overseas). The track has been used more than 200,000 times in Tik Tok videos. The heartwarming music video for the song premiered across Viacom platforms (including CMT).

Video courtesy of cmt.com

*Featured image courtesy of BBR Music Group



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