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ALLIE COLLEEN Releases Debut Album Stones Today in Nashville

Photo courtesy of Patti McClintic

It’s only available in physical copies via her website at this moment, but why wait for the digital version in November? Get the new, debut album, Stones, from Allie Colleen now. I’m actually sitting here at a venue in between album release shows writing this. Why am I sitting alone in a room writing when I could be out networking? I’ll tell you why. It’s because I can’t wait to tell the world about this fabulous record!

Allie Colleen is one of the best gifts country music has received in recent memory. Her style is completely her own. She’s a rock star. She’s a country star. She’s friendly fire personified. You need to know this artist if you have an appreciation for all that’s right with the genre. A wonder in so many departments, but her voice will grab your heart and soul. Her songwriting chops aren’t too shabby either, and she’s only 24-years old. I can only hope to live long enough to watch her career develop for years to come. I’ve become such a fan.

Photo courtesy of Patti McClintic

This morning media, friends and family were treated to a short set by Allie Colleen at the gloriously-appointed Nashville Music Loft. Performing a few tracks from her new album, Stones, Allie proved why she’s the real deal. Accompanied by her band, she strode through each song with the professionalism of a legend. Quite simply, she’s got it. A natural knack for touching an audience with songs that country music needs. Authentic storytelling, powerful vocals and something else – flair. She really was country before it was cool, and it shows in everything she does. The way she carries herself, her clothing, her songwriting, all of it. She’s not trendy, because trends pass. She’s got the whole package locked and loaded because it’s just who she is.

An artist with a sense of humor and a humble heart, when an interviewer at the event mentioned it would be fun to see a collaboration with pop sensation, Christina Aguilara, Allie Colleen responded, “I’d love to be there too!” She didn’t miss a beat either.

Allie and her band gave a sampling of the new album by performing her current single, “Playin’ House,” the title track, “Stones (I Don’t Give A),”Wildflower,” “Only Oklahoma” and “Pink Lemonade.” To make the event more festive, Pickers Vodka provided the liquid refreshments, some incredibly delicious pink lemonade, of course.

Video courtesy of Think Country and YouTube

Photo courtesy of Patti McClintic

Not to be forgotten, Allie’s band members are Paul Amundson (bass), Caelan Berry (drums) and Gabe Allen (guitar). Obviously, handpicked for their talents, they do a stellar job and deserve recognition as well.

Photo courtesy of Patti McClintic

Think County is thrilled to be here to support this rising artist and hopes everyone will pick up a CD from her website at http://alliecolleenmusic.com The digital version won’t be out until November, so don’t wait. Be on board right from the start. It should be noted that the single, “Playin’ House” is available on digital platforms now, so grab that too.

Be sure to follow Allie Colleen on all of her social media sites too. All of them can be found right on her website. Be sure to drop her a comment and let her know Think Country sent you!

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Photo courtesy of Patti McClintic


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