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REVIEW: “Bright Side” By Josh Gallagher


Image courtesy of Josh Gallagher Music

 Josh Gallagher keeps his promise of releasing a new single every four weeks  starting in April with his first installment, “Bright Side”.  The song is reminiscent of an old school country song with a gritty Eric Church feel and an addictive beat.  “Bright Side” is a song that uses metaphors about a woman who guides the singer through tough times and gets him through them. Out of the bad, she’s the good… and out of the good, she is what makes it good. 

He compares her to a lighthouse that guides a boat lost at  sea “A beacon that leads it safely  through the waves and the dangers, every soul in the cold lonely world needs a savior”.  Gallagher compares her to the morning sun,  “She’s the warm morning rays of the sunrise .. She is the bright side”.  

    Gallagher’s fan base called “Camo Crew” will be happy that Josh plans on releasing a single every four weeks, except for June and July where he will release 3 summer singles instead. Gallagher will take all releases from April through September along with his 5 song EP to make his first 10 song record. 

    Gallagher, a Pennsylvania native who is now based in Nashville, was first introduced to us in  2016  when he was a contestant on season 11 of “The Voice”. He was one of the last 4 finalists that season. He has not slowed down yet and we all look forward to his new collection of singles being released over the next several months. 

    With “Bright Side” being the first of Josh Gallagher’s songs released, his new album is off to a great start and it is going to be hard to wait for the next songs to be released. 

Video (official audio) courtesy of Josh Gallagher and YouTube

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