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Ahead of new album ‘Saturn Return’ due February 28th, The Secret Sisters share the latest track ‘Late Bloomer’ & accompanying music video!

Grammy-nominated The Secret Sisters’ new song, “Late Bloomer,” is out now and is the latest track unveiled from the duo’s highly anticipated new album, Saturn Return, which will be released February 28 on New West Records. Produced by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth, the album is now available for pre-order, which includes an immediate download of the new song as well as album tracks “Hand Over My Heart,” “Hold You Dear” and “Cabin.” Already receiving widespread critical acclaim, Rolling Stone declares, “Saturn Return is built on those moments of quiet fury, intimacy, and confession—of finding their place, of learning how to find balance in a world that is anything but. They sing of struggle, of aging, of coming to terms with the realities of life both beautiful and cruel.” is out now ahead.

Of the song, the duo reflects:

We’re excited to share another new song with you—one that is perhaps the most vulnerable, personal song we’ve ever written, inspired by the burden of schedules and self-imposed calendars and the perpetually needed reminder to let those time constraints go. This one was created during a season of infertility and the disappointment that comes with each childless month and the mental attacks that women tend to launch upon themselves when they fail to meet a deadline. The flower eventually blossomed, the birds arrived in all their glory and we are mamas now. We feel that we are in a full circle moment as we walk through the season of motherhood that we once felt would never come. This video is a special glimpse into our blooming process—a song being born in a Seattle studio, a song being shared with a new generation and the daily song that is our two babies. Right on time, perfectly planned. If you’ve ever felt you like you were behind, ahead, too slow, too fast, too impulsive, too cautious, too much, or too little…this song is for you.


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