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Top 10 Dixie Chicks Songs

Top 10 Best Dixie Chicks Songs

Following their hugely successful tour of the UK and Europe, we thought it would be a good idea to give a rundown of the top 10 best Dixie Chicks songs – for those who are unfamiliar with their back catalogue, or for fans who just want an impromptu dance party!

10. Sin Wagon
That’s right, I said mattress dancing. If you’re checking out this list for the aforementioned dance party, then we’ve got you covered by launching this list with ‘Sin Wagon’. The sassy party song of all sassy party songs, the Chicks celebrate leaving a bad break-up by getting out there and being as reckless and rebellious as you damn well please.

9. Top of The World

Probably about as different from the last track as you could possibly get, Top of The World is actually a Patty Griffin cover, but the Chicks really make it their own in this fantastic rendition. It’s a full six minutes plus in length, but worth it for the slow build and the feels – all the feels.

8. Ready To Run

Back in 1999, all the Chicks wanted to do was have some fun – and they provided an anthem for all young women who were sick of being told they needed to settle down with a nice young man. Cue Ready To Run, a guaranteed singalong.

7. Wide Open Spaces

Their breakout single in 1998, Wide Open Spaces spoke to young girls looking to step out on their own, free from the constraints of their parents, in order to find themselves and the life they wanted to make. It’s a coming-of-age anthem still relevant nearly two decades on.

6. Long Time Gone

The Dixie Chicks went bluegrass with the launch of Long Time Gone, a track that reflects on family, growing up, missed dreams and ending up repeating history. Often they managed to incorporate smart and deep observations into songs that were upbeat and a lot of fun, and Long Time Gone is definitely one of those songs.

5. The Long Way Around

This track opens the Chicks fourth studio set, Taking The Long Way, their Grammy-winning effort which chronicled the aftermath of those infamous comments made in 2003. The Long Way Around directly tackled their unconventional journey and continued efforts to follow the road less travelled.

4. Travelin’ Soldier

It’s fitting that this song was their current single during the Iraq War fallout, as Travelin’ Soldier is an acoustic-driven story song that follows a love affair between a waitress and an active duty soldier. Sad and poignant, it’s incredibly well written and continues to hold relevance today.

3. Cowboy Take Me Away

The Chicks delivered a simple country love song for the ages in Cowboy Take Me Away, a track that celebrates the joy of being in the middle of nowhere with the one you love. Don’t you miss when country radio sounded like this?

2. Goodbye Earl

Long before Carrie Underwood was hitting the top of the charts with songs about revengeful premeditated murder, the Dixie Chicks were cheerfully singing a woman’s goal to kill her abusive ex-husband, alongside her best friend. All in good fun, right? Just don’t eat those black-eyed peas.

1.Not Ready To Make Nice
When the Dixie Chicks returned in 2006, three long years after their controversial comments had left them blacklisted from country radio, they did so with a bang. Not Ready To Make Nice was an anti-apology that faced up to the criticism and their horrible experiences, in no uncertain terms refusing to comply with those who told them to “shut up and sing”. This is why we love the Chicks.


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