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Top 10 Country Summer Songs of 2015

Top 10 Country Summer Songs of 2015


Summer is just around the corner (for some of us, it’s already begun!), so it’s high time we count down the top 10 country summer songs that are set to grace our radios and iPods while the sun is shining and the beer is cool.

10. Craig Campbell ‘Tomorrow Tonight’

This is Craig Campbell’s big comeback single after signing with his new label, and it’s a big country pop/rock anthem about one magical night that leaves a lasting impression on the object of his affections. Expect killer riffs and drum builds for a radio-friendly hit.

9. Kristian Bush ‘Light Me Up’

About to be released as the follow-up to his top 30 single ‘Trailer Hitch’, Kristian Bush’s ‘Light Me Up’ has chilled-out verses and a big arena country rock chorus to make for a killer love song full of pretty metaphors. This is your romantic slow burner as the night comes to a close.

8. Chris Young ‘I’m Comin’ Over’

The lead single from Chris Young’s forthcoming fourth studio album, ‘I’m Comin’ Over’ is the more upbeat, 2015 version of his classic hit ‘Tomorrow’. On a light R&B beat for the verses and a full mainstream country arrangement for the choruses, it highlights the longing and desire felt for an ex-lover and throwing caution to the wind. This is a solid and passionate track that is a bit different than your usual summer fare but is great for driving!

7. Darius Rucker ‘Southern Style’

The second single from Darius’ latest album of the same name, ‘Southern Style’ is a mid-tempo, solid modern country song with a laid-back, feel-good vibe and a hint of gospel on the chorus. It’s about the attributes that are particularly distinctive to a typical southern woman, and sees Darius Rucker hit it out the park once again.

6. Chris Janson ‘Buy Me A Boat’

This track actually got Chris his record deal, so don’t be surprised if you start hearing ‘Buy Me A Boat’ everywhere you go. With gritty, raw production and a funny, tongue-in-cheek lyric about how money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a lot of things that’ll cheer you up, it picked up a lot of fans when Bobby Bones started playing it on his show. It hit #1 on iTunes and Chris signed with Warner, re-releasing the track with enough label dollars for it to maybe just hit #1 on radio too.

5. Hunter Hayes ‘21’

‘21’ impacts radio very soon, and is Hunter’s first stab at the US charts since ‘Tattoo’ was a top 30 hit last year (a club remix of ‘Light Me Up’ is currently being promoted to UK radio). Hunter needs his mojo back, and ‘21’ is a light, pleasant country pop summer anthem about partying like you’ve just turned 21 (or 18 in the UK, as the age you can drink legally). It’s not particularly challenging, but it’s pretty catchy!

4. Luke Bryan ‘Kick The Dust Up’

Slower and more stripped-back than some of his previous big hitters, ‘Kick The Dust Up’ is the lead single from Luke’s upcoming fifth studio album and it just debuted at radio. The party king is back as this song is all about doing just that, while the synthetic banjo creates a looming dissonance against the minor key melody and the heavily rhythmic groove. Play this while drinking moonshine out in the cornfield, because you’ll be living out the song.

3. Brett Eldredge ‘Lose My Mind’

The lead single from Brett’s sophomore album, the video for ‘Lose My Mind’ has already reached over 1 million views in only a month. The secret? A somewhat sexy, and also kinda weird video, but more importantly a track with a crazy groove and an infectious hook. This is probably his most pop offering to date, but it’s got that neat soul/R&B flavour that he’s so good at putting across, to match a lyric about a girl that makes him lose his mind.

2. Jake Owen ‘Real Life’

Released to country radio on June 8, ‘Real Life’ combines a backroad, swampy twang with semi-rapped verses and a west coast pop chorus for a track that’s bound to connect with fans. The lyrics are blunt, amusing and at times dryly delivered, about the “real” lives that ordinary folk are living day to day. This is a summer anthem with some bite.

1.Sam Hunt ‘House Party’

With synths, drum loops and a simple, catchy riff, ‘House Party’ is about as pop country as it gets. Still, the singalong chorus and lyric about staying in with your significant other and having a good time regardless, is something that we don’t hear too much of among the bros of the format. You might be surprised to hear that this track is particularly appropriate for house parties.


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