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William Michael Morgan

WIlliam Michael Morgan has recently released a song, “Gone Enough”. So, go get it, what are you waiting for? Stream this one, and mostly watch the video, (Youtube it! Subscribe to his channel!) The video is amazing and fits right in with the presence that this song conveys. Yes, a love song, but about a breakup that was extremely hard on the messenger, or the singer in this case. The line ”Ain’t no room dark enough where I can’t see your memory”, is so true. Haven’t we all felt that somehow and in some way in our past (or present). The melody has some dark sounds, and what I call, “smokey lyrics” just fit so perfectly together.. WMM Is talking straight to the listener……WMM sings of all the memories that are created in a true, serious, and sometimes volatile relationship. Wow, that is something that can’t be forgotten easily or quickly, the memories hurt. WMM absolutely captures all the sentiments felt by a relationship gone awry. It is an intense video, and surely captivating. I hope y’all feel the same way I do about this special song.

There is also a short video on the making behind the scenes of Gone Enough. Watch this as well, it really shows how they got the right effects to give meaning to the song and video



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