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Q&A With Russell Dickerson On His Partnership With Smirnoff’s “Red, White & Berry Summer of 2,021 Dreams”

Photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Smirnoff

When Smirnoff called,  Russell Dickerson was ready to help them out. Dickerson, a multi-platinum singer/songwriter took part in Smirnoff’s “Red, White & Berry Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams” promotion. Smirnoff will give away 2,021 prizes to consumers across the US. They are doing their part to make sure that this summer is the best one yet.

Dickerson was asked to take part in surprising one of his biggest fans with one of the grand prizes of a custom camper. Erin Darland, a COVID nurse from Indianapolis, was one of the winners for the  “Red, White & Berry Smirnoff Summer of 2,021 Dreams” promotion. Dickerson had the fun of surprising Erin and presenting her with the custom camper. Erin not only received the camper but was also surprised with a mini Russell Dickerson concert for her and 12 friends.  

Photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Smirnoff

Russell and I caught up right before he hopped on stage to perform for Erin and her friends.

CN: What is it like when Smirnoff calls and asks you to take part in such a fun project – giving away a tricked out camper to one of your fans?

RD: When the biggest company in the business calls you to partner you say, “Yes,” because you know it’s going to be epic. That’s what we wanted to do, give away a camper to this amazing COVID nurse Erin. I know she had had a crazy 2020, well we all did, but hers was really crazy. 

CN: How did they get her there without knowing?

RD: She knew about the custom camper but she didn’t know I was going to be here. I popped out of the camper and sang a little song for her. She was definitely surprised.. It was definitely an epic surprise. Her other surprise will happen after we hang up, I am performing a mini concert for her and her friends.

Photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Smirnoff

CN: With being a part of the “Red, White & Berry “Smirnoff Summer” Is your house now the “go to” party house outfitted with Smirnoff? Are all of your coolers filled to the brim with them?

RD: 1,000% percent! It is, by far, the best seltzer that I have ever had, and I am not just saying that. It is deliciously fantastical. It’s so good, you have got to get it! Making dreams come true, the drink of 2021. 

 CN: Smirnoff is giving away 2,021 prizes this summer, they will be giving things away all summer with that number.

RD: They are going to make it rain prizes. They are giving away two more custom campers and all kinds of swag bags and chairs, trips, you name it and they are giving it away. 

CN: That sounds like Smirnoff will make everyone’s summer special and Erin will have the most memorable summer of all.

RD: Yes, absolutely and Erin will be having the best summer ever.

CN: After this where are you heading, what is your summer plan?

RD: We are hitting the road starting June 16th. We have a couple more weeks to prepare as much as we can, rehearse and get the lights all dialed in. We are heading to North Lawrence, Ohio for our first show. 

CN: Great that you are getting out again and back on track. I just have time for one more question… What is the one thing that you can’t wait to teach Remmy when he gets older?

RD: Basketball, baseball, golf, any sport. Whatever it is, I am playing it with him. I can’t wait to teach him how to start a fire, teach him how to play guitar, the list goes on. We will start with crawling and we will go from there. (Laughing)

CN: (Laughing) The crawling will be step number one before learning how to start a fire. 

RD: Exactly.

CN: Will you be a part of giving the other campers away?

RD:  If they will have me I am here for it!

CN: Russell, have fun rocking your concert for Erin tonight. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

RD: Thank you.

Photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Smirnoff

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*Featured photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Smirnoff


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