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Payton Taylor ” Whiskey On My Wings” review

Hailing from New Jersey but now a welcome addition to Nashville’s singer songwriter scene, Payton Taylor got her musical education from her Grandfather’s diverse record collection. Ranging from trad country to 60s and 70s rock and R&B, we are fortunate that she has chosen the country genre to showcase her superb vocals and songwriting skills, and her new single “ Whiskey On My Wings” is great testimony to both!

A co-write with Wade Kirby, Phil O’Donnell and Shane Minor ( who have worked with the likes of George Straitand Blake Shelton ) this song tells of the temptations she faces in life, especially since her move to the bright lights of music city, temptations that she usually ends up giving in to.

Tying in with the title she cleverly uses several biblical references and connotations along the way, such as when she admits  “ I’ll skip the water, drink the wine, my road to heaven’s going to be an uphill climb”. No wonder her Mama’s been praying for her salvation!  Yes, there really are some great lyrics within this song .

It’s slow pace helps demonstrate the control she has over her strong voice, which has a fantastic country/soul tone, and the guitar led accompaniment provides a great blues vibe. That record collection I mentioned earlier has definitely influenced her own music!

The song builds sonically with a stronger drum beat kicking in from the second verse, Payton’s vocals effortlessly stepping up a gear or two . The chorus is really catchy and I can envisage fans singing along at her live shows. It Includes the lines “ I’m somewhere between Amazing Grace and dragging in late when I hear the church bells ring”  and I love how she samples this classic song at the very end of the track, which comes back down with keys to the fore  …… “ Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved one big old hot mess like me”.

The good news is that the song is taken from her forthcoming project…..I’m not sure if that means an album or EP……but whatever it may be, this single makes me hugely excited to hear more from this rising star who I have no doubt will soon be soaring on those whiskey tinged wings . Oh and look out for the video to accompany this track coming soon, apparently filmed in a 1900’s seaside hotel in Atlantic City!

You can listen/download the track via all usual platforms, and keep up to date with Payton via her socials and at paytontaylor.com


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