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New Music out now from Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers as they release “This Heart Will Self Destruct”

“This Heart Will Self Destruct” is the new single from Bob Collum and the Welfare Mothers. The track, which fuses roots rock with honky tonk, is available via Fretsore Records.

A self-described Anglophile and ‘Okie in Essex’, Collum’s musical output has been described as “The kind of lyrical twists that endear so many while playing it straight.” (Q Magazine) and “Heavy on hooks and steel guitar.” (Uncut).

“I wrote the song with my friend Dave Bailey after a conversation about self-sabotage in relationships as a “get out clause”. The idea is that you should at least be upfront at the beginning and then let whatever happens happen. I thought of the intro of the old Mission Impossible TV show where the secret mission instruction tape ended with “This recording will self-destruct in..”.

The Welfare Mothers (Mags Layton on Violin, Paul Ambrose on bass, Paul Quarry on drums and Martin Belmont on guitar) tackled the song with an energetic gallup that keeps upbeat regardless of the subject matter. “I really dig the interplay between Mags and Martin on the solo. Pat Collier produced the whole thing and did a fab job of it.”

The track is the first since signing to Fretsore Records. On the signing, label owner Ian Sephton states, “I suppose it was inevitable that we would work together. I loved Bob’s last album “Pay, Pack & Carry”, it was a fixture in my car CD player for some time, and I told him as much. He also co-wrote “American Buffalo” with Philip Rambow, who is also signed to Fretsore, so when Bob said he was recording some new tracks I was hooked!”

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