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In Time For Father’s Day – Holdyn Barder’s New Single “Daddy, I Listened”

Photo Credit: Clay Wegrzynowicz

Holdyn Barder’s latest single is a sentimental track, entitled “Daddy, I Listened.” Holdyn Barder’s vulnerable tribute to his dad tells a coming-of-age story. The song is being released just in time for Father’s Day. Listen to “Daddy, I Listened” here.

 Holdyn Barder wrote, “Daddy, I Listened” as a Father’s Day gift for his dad in 2020. The single is produced by Tree Vibez’s, Chris Loocke.  “Daddy I Listened” is the most vulnerable Barder has been with his music, Holdyn promised his father that he would release the song at some point in his career. The lyrics remind listeners to keep their loved ones close and to always remember their roots.  An example of the lyrics are “I wanna grow up to be like you, To be the calm in all the storms To never give up, never lose hope Try my hardest to outperform” For “Daddy, I Listened” Holdyn slows down his usual upbeat tempo and pulls at the heartstrings with this sentimental song. Holdyn goes expresses his pride in his father’s service to our country, making this song relatable to those who have loved ones in the military. This song makes you want to call the father figure in your life and thank them for all of their unwavering guidance and support. Barder states the following about “Daddy I Listened;” “This song is certainly the most vulnerable I’ve been with my songwriting. It captures a childhood innocence that I haven’t expressed in my previous releases. I’m proud of all the love and hard work that went into this song. I hope that ‘Daddy, I Listened’ means as much to you as it does to me.”

Holdyn Barder was born in Houston and raise just outside of Philadelphia. Holdyn Barder embodies the stock character epitome of an easy-going and good-hearted country boy who isn’t afraid to have a good time. On his newest release, “Daddy, I Listened,” Barder’s impactful songwriting certainly shines through, emphasizing the young country newcomer’s power and longevity. Holdyn is looking forward to sharing his Nashville journey with his supporters. Holdyn will graduate with a degree in Music Business from Belmont University in August 2021. He has been working as an intern at Big Machine Label Group, the world’s leading independent record label. Holdyn aspires to hear his songs on the radio, sell out stadiums in his career, and launch a debut tour in 2021/2022

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*Featured photo credit: Clay Wegrzynowicz


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