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DEREK JONES – Proud To Be The “Last Of A Dying Breed”

Photo courtesy of Kore PR

Even outlaws have good qualities.  Country artist Derek Jones is a perfect example.  His respect for others and honorable principles are simply a part of who he is, and they are a constant.  Jones is also country to the core.  His new EP, Last of a Dying Breed, showcases the qualities and events that have shaped him and his career.  After trending on iTunes in the weeks leading up to its release, the EP debuted at Number 3 on the iTunes Country chart.

Last of a Dying Breed Track List:

  • Nature of the Beast (James LeBlanc, Travis Meadows, Matt Warren)
  • Everybody’s Somebody (Derek Jones, James LeBlanc)
  • Black Cloud (Derek Jones, Casey Edgar)
  • Pokin’ Holes (Derek Jones)
  • Last of a Dying Breed (Derek Jones)

Video (audio) courtesy of Derek Jones Music and YouTube

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*Featured photo courtesy of Kore PR


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