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Dallas Burrow Starts A New Chapter With Self-Titled Album Out Today

Dallas Burrow’s sound is one rooted in folk, shaped by classic country, and heavily influenced by the Texan craftsmen who came before him. It’s done well for Burrow so far, but today, he introduced a new side of himself on record, that of a newly sober man embracing the stability of fatherhood and family life in the form of a new full-length, self-titled album, Dallas Burrow. Existing fans ought not worry because this sound isn’t far off from the music Burrow is known for, honed somewhere amongst the vagabond whirlwind of his 20s, traveling across much of the free world with a head full of songs and a thirst for thrills. In fact, the collection of songs about maturing and finding one’s path—recorded to two-inch analog tape by producer Bruce Robison—is shot through with the rich storytelling, organic Texas twant, and authentic Americana that have all become Burrow’s sonic signature. Robison notes, “Dallas Burrow is a singular new songwriting talent with a big bold voice to match, not afraid to to take on the biggest themes of spirituality and family and the hardest and greatest parts of life… Proud to be part of his new record

Dallas Burrow (bstlnk.to)

While touring across the southwest with longtime friend Charley Crockett, Burrow met Bruce Robison, one of the modern-day legends of Texas’ music scene. Months later, Burrow headed to Robison’s studio in the Texas countryside, where they recorded Dallas Burrow in a series of live performances.

The analog tracking process required Burrow and his band of Texas heavyweights to focus on uncluttered, in-the-moment performances that showcased the songs themselves. The result is a 14-song collection of western Americana, sung by Burrow in a voice that bears both the road-worn weariness of a lifelong highwayman and the fierce fire of a man reborn. This is an album about craft and conviction, from the moody western folk of the opening song, “Country Girl,” to the woozily gorgeous closer, “Outlaw Highway.” The latter track features lyrics written long ago by Burrow’s father, whose own songwriting helped lay the brickwork for his son’s career. Album highlights “Easter Sunday,” “American Dream,” and the anthemic “Independence Day” double down on that family theme, with Burrow nodding to his new role as a father and husband. If Southern Wind was an album about closing a chaotic chapter of one’s past, then Dallas Burrow is a celebration of fresh starts and new beginnings. Burrow isn’t cheating death anymore. Instead, he’s rediscovering a new way to live, with this self-titled album serving as the soundtrack.

To celebrate the release of Dallas Burrow, a number of special album release shows are scheduled, beginning today in Austin, TX, at Sagebrush. All release shows can be found below.

Catch Dallas Burrow on Tour:
July 23 – Austin, TX – Sagebrush
July 24 – San Marcos, TX – Cheatham St. Warehouse
July 30 – San Antonio, TX – The Lonesome Rose
July 31 – New Braunfels, TX – Riley’s Tavern

A full list of dates and tour info can be found at dallasburrow.com.


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