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Collin Raye Brings the Music Back and Boosts the Economy in Utah

The music may have gone away for a while, but it finally returned to Cedar City, Utah on Saturday, June 13th.   On that day, an estimated 4,000 happy people came out to see multi-platinum selling country artist Collin Raye perform live at the Iron Springs Resort.  One of the first live concerts since COVID-19 restrictions took effect earlier this year, the show’s main purpose was to provide a jump start to the local economy.

Many local businesses have been devastated by the national lockdown, so with the help of the Utah Business Revival, more than 100 of those small business owners set up booths at this event, allowing them to finally “open their doors” to the public again.  Clearly it was a successful day, as many business owners admitted they will now be able to pay their mortgages.

“It was such a joy to see so many people in Utah smiling, dancing and having a wonderful time,” says Raye.  “I am humbled and honored to have been the entertainment for such a historic moment.”

Collin Raye Performing in Cedar City, UT on Saturday Night  Photo Credit: Marc Reynolds

“In America, we don’t quit,” says Eric Moutsos,  Utah Business Revival organizer.  “It was a battle to finally host one of the first American concerts since COVID-19, but it was a victory for freedom.  The spirit of liberty was strong and everyone who attended felt it.  I’m so thankful Collin Raye put himself out there to support small businesses in Utah.”

Collin Raye’s show was originally scheduled for Saturday, May 30th in Kaysville, Utah, but was moved to Cedar City due to COVID-19 concerns and local government rulings.

The concert not only stimulated the local economy, it gave many who attended a much-needed mental restart.  A respite from a long quarantine and a sense of some normalcy.  One attendee shared, “I’ve been struggling with depression pretty hard the last few weeks.  It’s been an exhausting battle that I didn’t see an end to.  This concert helped more than I expected.  The music and joy and the atmosphere was so wholesome and uplifting.  At one point, I distinctly felt the mental burden melt away.”

“To see so many people enjoying and exercising their freedom without fear in such a peaceful and joyful manner, it was truly uplifting to my heart and soul,” adds Raye.  “Music is such a powerful tool for human healing and recovery, and  that was truly and clearly evident in Utah on Saturday.”

Concertgoers were encouraged to wear masks and follow sensible safety guidelines.

Keep up with Collin Raye at  https://www.collinraye.com/

*Feature photo courtesy of Marc Reynolds


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