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CMA Fest 2022 – Saturday Night

Day three and the excitement did not let up! As a country music hungry crowd piled in, yet again, to the Nissan Stadium, it was time to kick off the night with Randy Houser. With the powerhouse vocals this man has it felt a shame that he was in first performing to a stadium that was still filling up with people. Nonetheless those who were in and seated were lapping up the talent on the stage and Houser played ‘How Country Feels’ then ‘Like A Cowboy’; singing part acapella. Showcasing his vocals I was definitely one of the people in the crowd singing along with him at the top of my voice. He closed his set out with ‘Runnin’ Outta Moonlight’.

Following on the main stage were the Brothers Osborne. Singing loud and proud, John and TJ brought the rock to country and blew up the stage like it was nobodies business. Brothers Osborne have found themselves in the spotlight for multiple reasons this past year all of those just catapulting their authenticity and highlighting their talent. TJ Osborne put himself in the line of fire with adversity and both him and his brother came out stronger the other side. On stage they are still a force to be reckoned with and they are easily two of the best live performers I have had the pleasure of seeing. Starting out their set with ‘Shoot Me Straight’, which included an extended guitar solo from John Osborne, followed by ‘I’m Not For Everyone’, ‘Stay A Little Longer’ and then ‘Skeletons’. During the latter the band was joined on stage by 20ft skeletons as they lit up the stage during their performance. They finished off with ‘All Night’ and ‘Ain’t my Fault’. Aptly closing out their set the same way they started; with an epic John guitar solo.

The spotlight stage was the next to shine as BBR Music Group artist Frank Ray took to the mic to performe his songs ‘Y’all Showed up’, and ‘Country’d Look Good On You’.

Next up was soon-to-be father Luke Combs, who is expecting his new family addition at any moment! While I had hoped to hear ‘Six Feet Apart’ it was sadly not on the setlist, however that sadness was short lived because Luke absolutely blew it out the park for his set. With his first record release in 2017 it feels like he only just came on to the scene but his show was filled with hit after hit! With a setlist that would get anyone on their feet, Combs sung out his tracks at the top of his lungs sharing the energy with the crowd. ‘When It Rains It Pours’, ‘Cold As You’. Luke also debuted a new song live with his adoring fans in the audience ‘The Kind Of Love We Make’. While on stage, Luke recounted selling just 83 tickets to a show he played back in 2016, now, just 6 years later he is playing to 67,000 people at Nissan Stadium. The rapport with his band on stage was also something fun to watch. As they closed out the show with ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ Combs ended up joining his drummer and hitting the cymbals to close out the show.

Mitchell Tennpenny then stood up on the Spotlight Stage and played ‘Truth About You’ and ‘Drunk Me’.

To end the night it was time for Country music superstar Carrie Underwood to take the stage. 18 years on since the start of her career it took me aback briefly as i realised the time that had passed. Playing a mix of old and new tracks, Carrie came out onto the stage to ‘Church Bells’, heading back in time to ‘Good Girl’ and ‘Wasted’ before sharing her brand new single ‘Denim & Rhinestones’. Vocally I think it is fair to say that Underwood is one of the best vocalist not just in Country music but in the industry. Hitting notes in a chest voice that most can only dream of she knows how to wow the crowd. I always get butterflies when she begins singing ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ because I know its just a waiting game until she breaked into ‘How Great Thou Art’ and I will be left covered in goosebumps. Her band have also been with her on stage as long as her career has been going and the talent and comoradary on that stage is just something out of this world. With legs to die for and a presence that just makes you stare in awe it was the perfect way to end Saturday night.

Just one more night to go as we head into Sunday…. don’t miss the article on the website!

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