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C2C- What am I looking forward to?

By Beth Chapman 

This will be only my second time to C2C. This time last year I was plagued with how do my tickets work, what time does this start, how do you get to see everybody, how much money will I need, where and when is this type worries!

This year I can relax and enjoy the smugness of knowing my tickets are booked, my hotel is sorted and I feel like I now know my way around the O2 so all the pre-C2C stresses I had last year are gone.

After last year there was no way I was not going back, no matter who would be playing. My friend and I joked during Zac Brown bands closing set that if they came round with a credit card machine at that point we would be happy to book for next year right there and then. My top 3 moments from last year have to include that Zac Brown set. Experiencing the brilliance of Marty Stuart and his band. Then standing just a matter of feet from Drake White when I heard him sing Making me look good again for the first time. Goosebumps don’t even come close to describing it.

For this year my top picks for the arena have to be:

Kacey Musgraves- I still remember the first time I heard High Time and the Pageant Material album really reignited my love of country.

Old Dominion- cant wait to hear some of their songs in the arena, I know they will get the place up and dancing.

Kip Moore- Between you and me, while listening to the Slowheart album, I’ve found myself falling in love with Kip a little bit! It was my surprise favourite album of last year. Although I will be a lot further away from him than when I last saw him live I cant wait to see the performance he will put on and how he will get the arena rocking.

Emmylou Harris- How often do you get to see an actual living legend perform live? I know already that she will be one to remember.

Having said all that though I know my highlight of C2C will be something I haven’t even thought about yet. It will be a singer, a song or a moment that will give me those goose bumps just like Drake White all over again.  And that is what I am looking forward to the most…….that C2C moment that will make me say “someone bring round the credit card machine, I’m booking right now for next year”.






Annette Gibbons
Hi, I’m Annette, I have been a huge country music fan since the early 90s those were the days we were lucky enough to have CMT in the UK. I enjoy nothing more than listening to country music whilst having a cold beer (or a moonshine) with friends. I try to as many gigs as I can here in the UK and in the USA; I think of Nashville as my second home and I am lucky to have made some amazing friends in Tennessee. Think Country is something I am very proud of, I just want to share my love and passion of all things country music related with you all.
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