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Ahead of forthcoming album ‘Open Book’ due September 27th Kalie Shorr releases incredible new single ‘Lullaby’

There is something about Kalie Shorr that makes her a bit of an enigma, this sort of perfect blend of naughty and nice. Originally from Maine but now residing in Nashville where she is looked upon by many as one of the up and coming artists that people need to watch out for particularly in the next month with the run-up to her debut full length release ‘Open Book’ due September 27th. A regular face and voice to be heard in Nashville where she is a prominent figure as part of the world renowned female only weekly writers round “Song Suffragettes” held at The Listening Room Cafe and also a host on Radio Disney Country has attracted a rapidly growing global fan-base which is enhanced by the way her personality radiates so brightly on her social media channels. ‘Open Book’ is not only to be her first full length release but also first new music since her ‘Awake’ EP back in January 2018 with the first single being released today (August 30th).

‘Lullaby’ in terms of sound paints a really good picture of her music and her influence with the way the acoustic guitar entrance opens up into what you feel could roll into an anthemic power ballad but instead comes out as a more grungey sound with some killer pop punk vibes and drops. This does show you that she isn’t just a girl sat with her guitar writing country breakup songs but brings out this inner baddass that used to sing in a Nirvana covers band and this is a really clever song the way it infuses these different aspects that sums her up. From seeing Kalie live and listening to her previous EP’s you get a mixture of this really sweet voice that delivers really appealing pop country combined with a lot of sassy numbers delivered in a really witty way so this was really quite refreshing to hear that she is ready to show just how creative she is with her sound whilst still retaining her impeccable craft as a country songwriter in Nashville.

Prior to the single release she took some time to talk to fans on Instagram where she explained it spun from going through a breakup then the negative emotions that followed before starting writing on the piano late one night after being out drinking (I’m pretty sure we have heard her tell a few stories of this song started with some alcohol) when she knew it was time to let it go or move on then ‘Lullaby’ which she eventually wrote with Robyn Collins and Will Stone is the resulting account of her healing as it occurred.

From the tracklisting for “Open Book” it’s great to see there are some tracks that some of her fans may be familiar with such as ‘Angry Butterfly’ (absolutely love that title and song idea) ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (seem to remember this coming from a night of classy girls drinking cheap wine but loved this) then the incredibly fun and catchy ‘Gatsby’ which will quickly become an even bigger fan favourite than it already is. It’s great to see the other people that been involved with the record with how some of her really good friends like Candi Carpenter, Savannah Keyes and Katie Stump from Honey County who are all incredible and amazing in their own right are amongst the co-writers on the record which sets up for something really exciting to look forward to come September 27th.

One of the things that makes her stand out firstly as a songwriter but also why people are drawn to her personally is how she is very open and honest and unafraid to expose her vulnerability by expressing things freely. Her attitude, free going persona and positivity is almost infectious where she radiates this in her song writing (and Instagram stories) which makes her so real and relatable, so for every quick and witty sassy number (for an American she actually understands humour and banter really well) she has in her locker there are some powerful, deep and meaningful songs where you can feel the array of emotions and go through those roller coasters with her.

‘Lullaby’ available August 30th and her debut album ‘Open Book’ is to be released September 27th. If you don’t already make sure you check her out on Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube and her Official Website



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