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A Kid’s View of “Dirt On My Boots” from Homegrown Kids Country Vol. 1

*Note from Staff Writer, Patti McClintic:  This brief review was written by my almost-9-year-old-granddaughter, Abigail.  She chose to review the song, “Dirt On My Boots, from the album Homegrown Kids Country Vol. 1 (Broken Bow Records), produced by Ross Copperman.  The only edit I made to her typing was to italicize the album name, otherwise, I left it as she handed it to me.  She will be entering 4th grade in August and received a Writing Award at the end of this school year.


From the song “Dirt on My Boots” in a children album, I love the song for two reasons.

Video courtesy of Homegrown Kids and YouTube

My first reason that I loved that is because they had a lot of enthusiasm in their voices. I think they did because they were very excited to sing the song. That is my first reason of why I like this song.

My second reason is because it was done by children. You never hear children singing and playing guitar often. This my second reason I love the song.

This is my very first opinion writing on “Think Country” so I hope you like it. I really enjoyed this. Make sure to listen to “Dirt on My Boots” on the Homegrown Kids Country Vol. 1  childrens album.

By: Abigail Howard



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