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Lisa Wright


It was a chilly evening in Colchester but local Essex based singer-songwriter Lisa Wright wasn’t worried. She was gearing up to play a set ahead of Honey Ryder and Jess & the Bandits at the Little Rabbit Barn in Ardleigh.

For me, it is always a pleasure to see Lisa performing live. With her white Yamaha guitar and emanating nothing less than professionalism she took to the stage. There was a little talk in the audience but that soon stopped as Lisa began to play. She has the crowd fixated on her performance as she played a number of self-penned hits. She engaged with the audience, joking about how her happiest song she has ever written is called ‘Before I Die’, written out in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lisa vocals are so easy to listen to. Her guitar playing compliments her songs and her melodies fantastically and really help to create each and every line she sings. It’s almost hard to believe that this country music artist grew up in Essex!

Having recently recorded her EP out in Nashville, Lisa of course played a few of the songs featured on the record. From the title track ‘Before I Die’ to one of my favourites ‘Girl Like Me’.

If you haven’t heard her play yet then I recommend you get yourselves out to see her play or check out her EP here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/before-i-die-ep/id1038356346


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