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We caught up with the very talented and lovely The Cadillac Three after they had  just played amazing shows at Sonisphere and The Lexington. 

The last time we caught up, was in Nashville just before CMAFest kicked off; how was the whole CMAFest experience for you guys?

“It was awesome to be a part of a festival in our home town that we all grew up going to as kids. Playing the big stage at Riverfront was one of those moments I won’t forget. We’ve had a few of those experiences in our career so far, and it looks like there’ll be many more to come. I mean, we’re all big Metallica fans, they’re Kelby’s favourite band, and we just played a festival with them in the UK, so that’s another classic moment right there…”

These past couple of years have been something of a whirlwind for you – how would you sum it up? Is it all a blur?

“Honestly, yes… It has been kind of a blur! I catch myself forgetting which city we are in all of the time! Haha. We have been so many places and met so many awesome people. We are basically living a childhood dream! It’s been amazing…. And, of course, this is just the beginning for The Cadillac Three. There’s a lot more exciting – and blurry – times to come!”

I know you have played in the UK before, how did Sonisphere and The Lexington compare? Were your surprised that so many UK fans know your music?

“We couldn’t believe how many kids are supporting us in the UK. The Sonisphere festival, which I mentioned before, was amazing for us, because we got to meet and hang with some of our favourite metal bands. And the headline show at The Lexington was fantastic because it was sold out weeks in advance, and we had hundreds of kids singing along with every song.  Even ‘White Lightning’, which hasn’t yet been released as a single, and ‘Party Like You’, which hasn’t been released in the UK at all so far! It’s really neat to be so far from our home, but still feel at home. Hard to describe that feeling, really, but of course we’ll be returning to the UK later in the year, so this is going to be more and more like home for us, and that’s all good, no problems there.”

Will you be coming back to play more dates?

“Yes, that’s the plan. We will be back this winter to play the Planet Rockstock Festival in Wales, and we’ll try to organise a proper tour for that period, too. Gonna be a great end to the year!”

Do you find the UK fans react different to seeing you live compared to US fans?

“They definitely have a spark to them. I guess it’s because a lot of their favourite American bands don’t come over as much. We always look forward to UK crowds, and they continue to surprise us in a great way. I mean, our very first show in the UK was at the Barfly in London – it was sold out, and so many of those who came along already knew the words. We were completely blown away!”

You’ve recently released “Party Like You”; are you pleased with the reaction from fans? In the UK, we can’t get that song yet, any ideas when it will be released over here?

“The reaction to the song so far has been amazing. I think it’s gonna come out in the UK in the next couple of months.”

Jaren, you’re rapidly becoming a hit songwriter, with cuts for Jake Owen, Keith Urban, Danielle Bradbery’s latest single, etc….. how do you split your time between your song-writing duties and your band duties, and have you ever been conflicted between putting a song out there or keeping it for the band?

“It’s true, it’s a constant battle to balance my time. I write a lot on the bus – we have a little studio in the back lounge, and that’s really useful. When I finish a song, I usually know whether or not it’s gonna be TC3. I usually write most TC3 songs with the mind-set that it’s for us.”

You recently had a US number 1 with Jake Owen ‘Beachin’’ –  you must be very proud of that?

“It’s so cool. It’s my 3rd #1!! I’m pinching myself right now! Pop open the champagne, baby!!”

As a band, how would you describe your sound? Who are some of your specific musical influences?

“We’ve been called a lot of things since we started, but I guess ‘Country-fuzz’ is the one that’s most often used. That’s what we say, but I think Pantera riffs and outlaw song-wring is pretty cool,  too.  The UK media have come up with a whole host of very cool descriptions, and there may well be more to come. As for influences, I’d say Metallica, Hank Jr, Skynyrd & Ram Jam.”

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with? 

“I would have to say Tom Petty.”

So far, 2014 has been busy for you, what else is planned this year?

“Tour, tour, tour and then more touring, with a new album coming in the fall. That’s the plan!”

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