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Ryan Montgomery EP Release Party at Renegades West Palm Beach, Florida
EP Launch Events are one of the most exciting part of an artists budding career! Ryan Montgomery’s did not disappoint!!
It was held at one of our most popular and long lived Cuntry venues, Renegades in West Palm Beach, Florida. The room was filled with excitement, line dancing happening, getting in the country groove, and of course everyone was waiting for Ryan and his amazing band to take the stage.
Ryan performed with great enthusiasm all of his EP songs, and added in a few covers that are now on the top of the country charts! The crowd was engaging, and his original songs hit the target when it comes to the Country Life in Florida! Ryan and his management team have done an amazing job promoting his music and his latest work.
I have even been in several local stores, listening to people humming and singing, ”Drop A Tailgate” from their mobile devices. It is great to observe people engaging in some great music from our locals. I am interested to hear when his tour is announces and where he will be stopping to play his music outside of the Florida circuit.
However, Give Ryan Montgomery a few years, and you will hear his originals being played around the country and across the pond……


Robin Beers
Hi, Im Robin. I have been a music groupie/follower, since the '70s (showing my age). Gr0wing up in Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. there was not a lot of Country music playing on the airways. I always found a way to seek out the country side of my youth, Marshall Tucker Band, Poco, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, and my absolute all time favorite, Dwight Yoakam. The list goes on. (of course my disco friends, never knew this,) Moving to Florida in the early 1980's was awesome! There was more than one Country radio station on FM!! I discovered the greats like Tanya Tucker, Sammy Kershaw, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis. Line dancing every weekend, I was in heaven!! There is so much great talent out there now, its exciting and they are extremely innovative with their craft. I look forward to each time a new song and album are released. My son is a bass player and has moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a touring musician, and he is on the road right now. I guess you can say it runs in the family. :) So now I get the chance to visit the home of country music, Nashville!!! I love reaching out to the up and comers here in FLorida, there is so much amazing talent. This is not just a job, but a passion!!! Robin
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