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William Michael Morgan Grants Wish To Devoted Fan Battling Cancer
Photo courtesy of Mary Ruscetta

You may know William Michael Morgan best for his number one country hit, “I Met a Girl.” You wouldn’t be alone. It’s a really big song, and along with it comes an artist with a big heart too. The Vicksburg, Mississippi native recently granted a wish for one of his most devoted fans.

Mary Ruscetta of Simpsonville, South Carolina is battling Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, and has been in this fight for nearly five long years. She is currently planning her final arrangements, including her own funeral. One of Mary’s final wishes was to have William Michael Morgan, who she affectionately refers to as “Willie,” record himself singing “Amazing Grace” for her service. The country star graciously agreed to record the song for her. William’s own grandmother passed away from cancer, so it’s a cause close to his heart.

A loyal fan who has followed William’s career for the past six years, Mary has had the opportunity to see him play live six times. This past July Mary made the six-hour trip from South Carolina to Virginia to see her favorite artist in concert one last time. William made that event even more special by dedicating “I Met a Girl” to Mary.

In addition to having her final wish granted, Mary encourages country music fans to take notice of William Michael Morgan. She told me, “There are many, many great things in store for this talented artist. The sky’s the limit for this kind and compassionate young man. I just want people to appreciate him and listen to his music. He needs more recognition.” Mary has also been one of Think Country’s most faithful followers, so all of us here have her in our warmest thoughts.

William Michael Morgan did his part and recorded “Amazing Grace.” We’ll do our part and share his incredible music with our followers. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow William on his social media sites that are linked below. Be sure to tell drop him a comment and tell him Mary Ruscetta sent you. Please keep Mary in your best thoughts and prayers as she continues to navigate the challenging road she’s on. She’s an extraordinary lady.

Video courtesy of William Michael Morgan and YouTube


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*Featured photo courtesy of Mary Ruscetta


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