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Twang and Round

Twang and Round were a hoot!! We started hanging out with them first thing in the morning, collecting our expressos and coffee. There was a gorgeous breeze outside at the time, and actually not too Florida hot!!!

We called it “Coffee Time with “Twang and Round”. Born and raised in Kentucky, and have known each other forever. Ameriflow music, is their kind of Country Music  “Ameriflow “ likes Creedence Clearwater meets OutKast” quote from Twang. Their emphasis on family be so important, was a real talking point. They enjoy family time when being off the road. “Worries Away” is about their children and being away from them. They are extremely passionate about community, their Charity of choice is St. Jude’s, and they just want to contribute a little to make the world a more comfortable place.

“The Journey is what makes it worth it” Quote from Twang..that was in the discussion about giving back to the community and St. Jude’s

Then we talked about “moonshine”! The guys have developed and distributed via web,  their own brand in Kentucky, and I think they have another hit. (not the music).

They also said you can have superpowers when drinking moonshine, I was laughing at this, but wait, may not be such a bad thing…

Twang And Round are signed to Thirteen Skulls Entertainment, a new record label founded by music industry veteran Ron A. Spaulding and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas.

The website for everything Twang and Round www.twangandround.net 



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