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We country fans do love our whiskey, and it’s really no surprise considering that Tennessee is one of the birthplaces of whiskey production. Country music and whiskey just seem to go so well together – whether that’s drinking and listening, or drinking and writing as seems to be the case for many of the songs in today’s list. There’s so many great country songs about whiskey, but I’ve rounded up my top five – let me know what you think! In no particular order…


1.     Mix Em With Whiskey – Drake White

Drake White is country cool, and has a way of coming up with fun songs that get you in the mood for just about anything. I’d say listening to his music could make pretty much anything better, but he also has a point when he says “Some things go better when you mix em with whiskey.” I mean, that’s why we drink whiskey and listen to it, right? That’s why we have drinking anthems, raise em ups, and slightly tipsy singalongs – which sound just about perfect for a song like this. This feel-good track encapsulates that exact feeling, and when coupled with Drake’s smooth as whiskey voice, it ain’t half bad.

2.     Let Me Be Your Whiskey – Alexander Ludwig

Perhaps a new artist for you on this track, but some of you might know Alexander Ludwig from his work in TV and film – he starred as Cato in The Hunger Games, Bjorn in the popular series Vikings, and even in the music video for The Band Perry’s cover of Gentle On My Mind. However, you might not know that he’s also a pretty talented country singer. His 2020 track Let Me Be Your Whiskey is his only release to date, but I hope it won’t be for long. In this song, he talks about whiskey being good to help you forget, but sometimes someone else can be too – two lonely souls drinking alone in a bar – why not let the other be your whiskey for the night?

3.     Sunshine & Whiskey – Frankie Ballard

We love whiskey, and we love love, so what better way to celebrate the two than by writing a song about them both? I maintain that Frankie Ballard is hideously underrated, so definitely check this one out if you haven’t already! In this upbeat and fun track, Frankie explains that every kiss is “like a bottle of Jack straight to the head, one shot, two shot, copper tone red, every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.” Not sure how much fun a bottle of Jack Daniels straight to the head would be, but sunshine and whiskey? Sign me up. If you’re ready and waiting to get into that summer feeling, this is definitely a song for you!

4.     Drink A Little Whiskey Down – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is a master of shifting throughout every type of country – on some songs, he’s a stadium filling party boy, on others at the very boundary of country and pop music, and then on tracks like this one, returning a bit closer to old school country music. A new addition to country songs about whiskey, this 2021 track talks about those times when turning to the bottle is the best way to push aside those memories of love lost – “When the wonderin’ if you miss me missin’ you comes around, yeah, it don’t happen like it used to happen, but when it does, I twist off a cap and drink a little whiskey down.” It’s a gorgeous track that suits Luke’s voice so very well.

5.     Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss

Also up there on the list of ‘Top 5 country songs that make me cry’, this song about whiskey is also probably one of the most heart-breaking songs I’ve ever heard. It tells the story of a pain that runs so deep that even the warm embrace of whiskey can’t fix it. With lyrics like this; “We watched him drink his pain away, little at a time, but he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind until the night he put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger,” coupled with Paisley and Krauss’s gentle vocals, this song is pretty much guaranteed to have you in floods of tears by the end.  

I hope you enjoyed today’s Top 5! What other whiskey songs float your boat? Little Big Town’s ‘Wine, Beer, Whiskey’? Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey’? Cole Swindell’s ‘Ain’t Worth The Whiskey’? Let us know on Twitter @Think_Country and @CiarasCountry, and if you want to hear even more connected country songs, tune in for Ciara’s Country Connections every Friday from 5-8pm on www.UKCountryRadio.com. Thanks for reading!

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