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Top 10 Impactful Music Videos

On the heels of the raw and emotionally driven “Sober Saturday Night” music video released yesterday by Chris Young, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite music videos that have impacted mine and I know many others emotions. Shedding light on tough subjects like depression, suicide, addiction, abuse, emotional roller coasters and life’s many journeys.  Some to this day I still can’t watch without crying.


1. Chris Stapleton- Fire Away

This music video depicts the live of a husband and wife’s happily ever after being plagued by depression, the emotional battle of trying to overcome it and the raw emotional end when the wife succumbs to her own demons.

2. Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss- Whiskey Lullaby

The visual depiction of a husband gone off to war only to find his wife in bed with another man. After drinking his life away his wife’s guilt is too much to bare when she finds herself taking the dark road as the one before her.

3. Chris Young- Sober Saturday Night

This music video follows the story of a man reminiscing of the love he had, the night everything got out of control and the woman he lost that fateful night as he tries to live another day through the pain of the loss.

4. Florida Georgia Line- Dirt

Following along the narrative of a man reminiscing the love he and his wife had, their early years of dating, their marriage and growing their family. The full circle moment happens when everyone is there remembering Rosie the life she lived and the love she shared. “You know you came from it.. and someday you’ll return to it”

5. Thompson Square- If I Didn’t Have You

After a couple’s accident, the husband finds himself doing everything to bring his wife back and in the end she does come back to him.

6. Cole Swindell- You Should Be Here

The incredibly raw emotion you see Swindell depict here is every bit as true as it seems. Swindell admitting that shooting the video at his Dad’s gravesite is the first time he’d been there since he’d been laid to rest.

7. Brantley Gilbert- One Hell Of An Amen

This music video is a tear jerker following the life of a serviceman lost at war and a man who lost his battle to cancer. They fought til the last minute til the good lord called them home.

8. Sam Hunt- Take Your Time

I can admit that when I first heard this song this was not the route I expected but I can appreciate that Hunt took liberties to portray a hard topic that most like to turn their head from, shedding a light on domestic abuse.

9. Chris Janson- Holdin’ Her

If the words in the song weren’t enough; the slideshow of pictures, home videos and precious memories of Janson, his wife and kids throughout this video make you appreciate and desire to have a love like he and his family have.

10. Carrie Underwood- Just A Dream

The young lovers dreams are quickly shattered when the homecoming of her beau should’ve been a happily ever after that turned into the darkest nightmare. Instead of celebrating their new life as a couple this bride to be finds herself in black remembering the love she had with the man she lost to war.


Bonus Video:

Taylor Swift- Ronan

While this is not an official music video the lyrics of this song get me every time. To those of us that are blessed with the opportunity to work with these amazing warriors know the raw emotions of losing these kids all to well. The ending to this song is the gut wrencher when on the screen appears a picture of the beautiful blue eyed Ronan who was taken from this earth too soon.


Annette Gibbons
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