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Third single from Shannon Hynes (and first from her upcoming debut EP) ‘Off Guard’ out today!

Following on from the success of her 2018 singles ‘I’m Not Pretty’ and ‘Someone To Drink With’ which both reached number one on the UK Country iTunes Chart, London based songwriter Shannon Hynes returns with her third single ‘Off Guard’ available (today) November 15th.

On the new track which she wrote herself,  Shannon explains:

Off Guard is a track simply about regretting a break up, but with a slight twist

The recording which was produced by Jack Watson demonstrates a perfect balance of real storytelling, open lyrical storytelling and strong country influences with the melody and instrumentation which really highlights Shannon’s craft as one of the most honest songwriters country music has to offer in the United Kingdom. The single gives a warm introduction to her eagerly anticipated debut EP which will be released in 2020.

‘Off Guard’ can be found HERE and to keep up to date with news on her forthcoming debut EP and upcoming live shows you can find Shannon on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.


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