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Think Country Launches MERCH MONDAYS With Country Legend Bobby Bare


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From all of the negativity that came from the COVID-19 crisis, there were some shining moments.  So many people working hard to get us through it.  That was great to see.  Sadly, some of the hardest hit economically were the country artists we love.  They depend on the live shows they do.  We all know what happened there.  They also look to the merchandise they sell.  At Think Country, we wanted to help, so we’ve partnered with several amazing artists and on Mondays, we’ll have a different artist with their own discounts on whatever merch they choose.  We all love merch and we’ll really be making a difference for the artists by purchasing it.  Look for the lowdown on Mondays on our Think Country Facebook page.  That’s how MERCH MONDAYS came about.

We are so pleased to have an icon as our very first Merch Monday artist.  Bobby Bare has been entertaining country music fans for generations, and owning some of his merch is almost a no-brainer if you’re a true fan of country music.  He has some great stuff too.  He’s offering his fans and our followers an exclusive 15% discount on all bundles (excluding the autographed CD bundle) with the code THINKCOUNTRY.  Here is the link to his website’s store https://www.bobbybare.com/store  Be sure to enter that code THINKCOUNTRY when checking out in order to get your discount.  Definitely check out the rest of his website while you’re there as well.

This is a sampling of the one of the bundles available on Bobby Bare’s website

In the music business for more than 50 years, Bobby Bare has done it all.  He’s a Grammy Award winner and nominee.  He’s written songs for superstars such as Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson, Travis Tritt, Conway Twitty, Reba McEntire and Jerry Reed.  He’s a member of both the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Rolling Stone named him one of the 50 Greatest Country Music Artists of All Time.  He’s the original country music “Outlaw” with nearly five dozen Top 40 hits from 1962 to 1983 including, “Marie Laveau”, “500 Miles” and “Detroit City”.

Photo courtesy of americansongwriter.com

This year Bare released Great American Saturday Night, an album of songs by Shel Silverstein.  The tracks were recorded in the 1970’s but never-before released.   “Livin’ Legend”, “The Day All The Yes Men Said No” and “Great American Saturday Night” are three singles that have been released.  A fourth single, “They Won’t Let Us Show It At The Beach”, released April 10th, 2020, features Dr. Hook’s Dennis Locorriere singing background vocals.

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We are so excited that Bobby Bare stepped up to be our very first Merch Monday artist.  He is a true living legend.  If you want to partake in this one-time discount which will run from May 25th to May 29th ONLY, click that link above and remember the code at checkout – THINKCOUNTRY.  Get yourself some cool Bobby Bare merch at a bargain basement price right now.  We hope to see your around Music City (or London maybe) wearing a 60 Years of Storytelling t-shirt.

Mondays aren’t much fun.  Let’s go online shopping!  #merchmondays #thinkcountry #bobbybare



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