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The Cadillac Three Super Fan Robert Hale – “To me, TC3 is the best band ever!”

Photo courtesy of Robert Hale

Music.  The universal language.  There aren’t many people that don’t love it in some form or another.  Country music fans are some of the most devout you’ll find anywhere.  The Cadillac Three’s fans are in a league of their own.  The most devoted belong to a group called the TC3 Drinking Club, led by Kay Ford in Nashville.  Anyone that’s a fan can find them on Facebook to join, but make sure you’re really a fan because these people take their band seriously.

One of The Cadillac Three’s biggest fans is a guy named Robert Hale.  I had the chance to chat with Robert and ask him a few questions about his love for these three long hairs and their music.  The Cadillac Three have taken country music to places never quite seen before, yet they do so while being signed to a major label.  An impressive feat to be sure.  They don’t conform to any preset format of what “perfect”, radio-friendly country songs should be when making albums, or keep it G-rated when playing shows.  They just kind of do what they like to do, but it works.  It works really well.  Just ask their fans.  That’s what I did when I talked to Robert Hale.

Think Country:  Where are you from?  What are your interests outside of being a fan of The Cadillac Three?

Robert Hale:  I’m originally from Maine but moved to Nashville in 2018.  I moved here for warmer weather and music.  I also get to ride my Harley longer down here.

Photo courtesy of Robert Hale

TC:  Before you discovered The Cadillac Three, what was your favorite band or artist?

RH:  Before TC3, Mötley Crüe was my favorite band.

Photo courtesy of billboard.com

TC:  When did you first hear about The Cadillac Three?

RH:  The first time I heard TC3 was during intermission at a Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert show.  “Tennessee Mojo” was playing and it got my attention right from the beginning.  I went home after the show and Googled the band and ordered their CD on amazon.com and they’ve been my favorite band since!

TC:  How many TC3 shows have you been to?

RH:  I’ve been to 12 TC3 shows and have seen Jaren (Johnston) at a couple of songwriter festivals and seen Kelby (Ray Caldwell) play with his side band Weekend Jimmy and the Easy Party.

TC:  Tell me about your favorite show or shows?

RH:  My favorite show was a free show last summer at The Basement in Nashville.  There were only about 100 people there so it was like our own personal show.  Also, my very first TC3 show in 2014 in New Hampshire was an awakening!

Video courtesy of Kay Ford and YouTube

TC:  What’s your favorite TC3 song and why?

RH:  My favorite TC3 song is, and always will be, “Tennessee Mojo”!  It was the very first TC3 song I ever heard and I’ll never be the same! (laughs)

Video courtesy of The Cadillac Three and YouTube

TC:  How many times have you met the band?  Which band member do you feel you relate to the most?

RH:  The first band member I met was Kelby in Portland, Maine after a show.  I’ve met Jaren a few times and Neil (Mason) a couple of times.  Since living in Nashville I’ve seen and met the band about four to five times in the last year.  I relate to Jaren the most because a lot of people say I look like him.  Even Jaren’s father said I look like his son when I held the door open for him at a songwriter festival back in March at The Cambria Hotel in Nashville.

Photo courtesy of Robert Hale

TC:  What are your thoughts on the TC3 Drinking Club?

RH:  The TC3 Drinking Club is my favorite thing about Facebook.  I’ve met and made some really great friends from this club.  I’ve never experienced anything like the TC3  fans, it’s like our own little family!  Thank you so much to Kay Ford for starting the TC3 Drinking Club!

TC:  What’s your favorite piece of The Cadillac Three merch?

RH:  My camo TC3 hat that is autographed by the band.



Photo courtesy of Robert Hale

TC:  Do you have any regrets about moving to Nashville?

RH:  No regrets.  Probably the best thing I’ve done in a long, long time!

TC:  How excited are you about the new TC3 album, Country Fuzz dropping on February 7th?

RH:  I’m beyond excited for Country Fuzz to drop on February 7th!  I’ve been listening to the songs they’ve released on repeat every day.

TC:  Anything else you’d like to say about your love for this band?  The floor is yours.

RH: To me, TC3 is the best band ever! They’re great guys and they love their fans!  I will continue to turn people on to their music until I’m six feet under!  I will go to as many shows as I can afford to.  I’m actually flying back to Maine in April to see them with one of my friends back home.  I would love to see them become huge in the music industry but I would definitely miss the smaller venues for the up-close-and-personal concerts.  TC3 forever!

I thank Robert Hale for sharing his thoughts on what it’s like to be one of The Cadillac Three’s biggest fans.  If you happen to see Robert at a TC3 show, definitely stop and introduce yourself.  Just make sure you aren’t talking to Jaren Johnston.  They really do look a lot alike!  In the event it happens to be Jaren, maybe he’ll sign your camo hat too.  Actually, if it Robert, have him sign your hat.  This interview might just make him a celebrity!

Photo courtesy of Robert Hale

The TC3 Drinking Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TC3DrinkingClub/

The Cadillac Three Website:  https://www.thecadillacthree.com/#home-section

*Featured photo courtesy of Robert Hale




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