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Taylor Rae – A Soothing Storyteller With New Single “Fixer Upper”

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Taylor Rae’s song “Fixer Upper” drops this Friday, June 11th. Taylor describes it as a song about falling in love in LA, written for her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. Her gentle and soothing voice conveys the song’s story, which is about a couple that have had rocky past relationships, but are willing to trust and fall in love again. Taylor has a unique voice that sounds a bit like Norah Jones, yet stands out distinctly as her own. The rich and calming tones of her storyteller voice draw you in, making you stop what you are doing and listen to the song’s lyrics. Having written her first song at age eight, she taught herself guitar at age 12 and played her first paid gig at 15. Her early musical influences were Carole King, Bonnie Raitt and Steely Dan, as well as more modern female artists such as Sheryl Crow and Jewel. 

Taylor is a songwriter/guitarist/singer born and raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. At age 18 she moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute and pursue a career performing her original music. It was there that she won the region’s innovative creator-oriented NEXTies Musician of the Year award. Taylor Rae currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Photo credit: Jeremy Ryan

Taylor has an extensive background in musical theatre and grew up singing in the church. The sounds she creates are a blend of R&B, Folk, Jazz, Blues and Rock. There’s also a bit of Christian influence tossed into the mix that she calls “Soul and Roll,” a combination of music genres from the earliest days of American music that work quite well for the singer. Now 27, Taylor Rae has titled her debut forthcoming album, Mad Twenties, which will be released in Fall of 2021, with 12 original tracks, each song offering a different perspective and mood.

Taylor’s website is www.taylorraemusic.com

Photo credit: Jeremy Ryan

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Written and reviewed by Melissa Neubert, Staff Contributor, Think Country

*Featured image courtesy of so much MOORE media


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