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Route 91 ROLL CALL: Courtney Cole

As we gear up for flying out to Vegas for Route 91 were going to be spotlighting some of our favorite artists. I was able to catch up with Courtney Cole this morning; amongst all the traveling and touring I am grateful I got the chance to talk with her. Cole truly is one of those down to earth open book kind of girls and I really enjoyed chatting with her.

Tell us what you’ve been up to..

Lately, I’ve literally been on the road nonstop. I just got home the night before after our final little part of the 4 week tour that I’ve been on. Not with any artist in particular, but just on the road, playing festival; we opened for Kenny Chesney on a couple shows, played a bunch of fairs and festivals and we’ve just been gone. So now coming home, went to Canada for my first time, just got back from Canada, played a show, Country Thunder, there and now I’m home and I’m hoping to get back in the studio and I’m going to be writing a ton and I’m hoping to have a new song out really soon.

So how was your first trip to Canada? 

It was amazing, at first I was kinda like, I actually feel like I’m still in America. (Laughs) But the weather is very different, like super light air, there’s a chill in the air which is so much fun and the people were just amazing. I mean people in Canada love country music, I mean you get off the plane and everyone is in cowboy hats. It was just really fun getting to see that side of Canada and meeting a ton of people and it was fantastic.

That’s funny how you mentioned about seeing everyone in cowboy hats. I’ve personally always gone back and forth, I’ve traveled internationally, but when you hear about Hunter Hayes going to Tokyo and all these girls going crazy, or any of these other artists traveling internationally its crazy to realize that there’s such a strong following in these other countries when actually there are and sometimes they’re strongers than Americans, as far as how passionate they are about their music..

That’s totally what I thought, I was like wow, Nashville is you know,compared to Calgary, Nashville [sic] is almost losing some of it’s country. I’m like they just do it up big time..

For those who aren’t as familiar with you as some of us are can you give a synopsis of your sound, your flair and what you like to contribute to the genre.

Well my sound is just really full of sass, and you know I love to just be real and as authentic to myself as I possibly can, and I just try and snapshot that into my sound. For me that’s sass, that’s sarcasm, that’s sincerity, that’s honesty and that’s emotion. And fun, fun is definitely another word.

I just have to commend you because I love your snapchats and you are funny and sassy and stuff, but you know it’s so good to see people around our age that show you can still have fun, but you can still be a great role model. You know most everyone [in the genre] is pretty good about not going crazy but you might have a few that go out and have their wackadoodle moments, it’s just good to see people that aren’t afraid to be themselves but also aren’t afraid to be a good role model to the younger generation coming up.

Yeah that’s another thing that I want to say, thank you, thank you so much for saying that. I’m glad that you noticed that because it is one of my biggest goals; to be a role model and more so just to be unapologetically myself and occurring to people that you can do that too. You know what I mean, like it’s okay to be stupid, to be silly, it’s okay to be serious, whatever that is that makes you you. Just be that and it’d gonna work.

It resonates in your music, through the tunes that I’ve heard and like you said, it’s just YOU and I feel like you’re very honest about that from what I’ve witnessed of your career and I really enjoy it!

Thank You! I really appreciate that, you have have no idea how much that actually means to me.

Since were talking about getting ready for Route 91 Harvest Festival, tell me what’s to look forward to in this festival and what’s your anticipation of Nashville meets Vegas.

Yeah well you know I love Vegas, I’ve been there a couple of times and Vegas is just a party. I know that the show will be nothing less than a party, so I’m like super excited about that and on top of that Martina McBride is gonna be there and she’s like one of my biggest heroes. She’s one of my biggest influences and I’m just kind of geeking out a little bit that she’s gonna be there and were gonna be on the same bill.

Everyone has their moments of getting wild and crazy in Vegas.. Do you have crazy moments of your own?

The last time I was there I got dehydrated, so the crazy night ended at 11:30 with me in my hotel room. (laughs)


As the conversation continued I ended our interview like I do all of them with a few lighthearted questions that fans would get a kick out of. When asked who she’d like to duet with (dead or alive) or even do a CMT Crossroads with Cole candidly admitted to her love of Elvis Pressley growing up, citing that during her crush over him her mom having to jokingly remind her he was deceased. Along with the King of Rock n’ Roll, she stated Shania Twain being one of her heroes she’d love to collaborate with. All serious and music themed questions aside we then joked about what was one thing Cole would have to have with her on a dessert island. The bubbly songstress without hesitation replied, “chipotle”, getting so specific as to quote her favorite order being a burrito bowl with black beans, tomato salsa, cheese and guacamole. The last and final question I asked Cole, since food was on the brain after she mentioned she had just got back from the grocery store was, “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” Cole told me her favorite was chocolate chip cookie dough and earlier that morning she even had a battle within herself to choose to buy some or stick with a healthier option to which she opted for grapes. This girl is no doubt on my list of artists to look forward to in attendance at the festival.

To hear some of Courtney Cole’s currently available music listen below and tell us what you think:


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