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Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival-Last Day #3

We had a great time day 1 and 2 of the biggest Beach Country Festival around these parts!! Ft. Lauderdale was packed with all types of music enthusiasts. Country Lovers, Beach goers, and Concert seekers, !! People from around the world came to Tortuga seeking that good ole’ Kenny Chesney feel.. And they were not disappointed!.

Just for a little background that I briefly touched on in the first 2 installments of the Festival, it is really about bringing like minded people together who are all about Ocean conservation… The Website for the Festival says:

Tortuga Music Festival works hand in hand with the Rock The Ocean Foundation to increase public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans and to support scientific research, education, and ocean conservation initiatives.”

Well, there you have it. And Kenny Chesney plays a huge roll in Ocean Conservation.

So we split up for the first half of the day so we could cover for you, the music lovers and readers, the entertainment  at the multi stage festival! First, were 2 great gal acts!! “Main Stage” was Carly Pearce and at the same time, a newcomer, Gabby Barrett at the “Next from Nashville” Stage. Leah was covering Carly, and said she was ever the professional, working that catwalk so the entire crowd could get a great view of her and all her talent! She looked right in style in her tank top and green shorts. She needed to be cool and comfortable cause the temps outside were rising and fast!!! Carly gave an outstanding performance with   everyone singing to her well known tunes!!

“Next From Nashville” Stage was in the middle of the festival, so off I went to get Coverage of Gabby Barrett. This was a more intimate setting but still that girl knows how to work the crowd. When she found out that some fans were there from Pittsburgh, (Gabby’s hometown) she personally started talking to them and signed their hats. I think that’s the sign of a true, down to earth musician, who can still reach out to the country music fans. Needless to say I was impressed…Although I was not granted an interview with Gabby, I was invited to go backstage and watch a major Celebrity Report Outlet do the interview. it was for a few short minutes, and I got to meet the great team behind the Gabby Barrett Brand. Honestly, it was good to get out of the heat and into some A/C cause by now it was 100 degrees in the sun… our cameras were on fire!

I went back to the “Nashville” tent to Click some pictures of Caroline Jones, while Leah was still at the main stage, covering David Lee Murphy. Caroline had a very sweet, clear voice,  and played several instruments.

I met Leah back at the Media Room,  where she was telling me about the DLM Show.. A professional all the way!

We regrouped and were off again soon after that since Leah had arranged for us to hang out with “The Wheeland Brothers” preshow and after. A little background about them, They are 2 Brothers, Travis and Nate Wheeland from Orange County, California. They formed a band inspired by reggae music which they they call “ Beach Rock Reggae” music. Is it country? Well, it has a country flair and if you love Kenny Chesney, then watch out, you will love these guys!.. They played a little pre show gig in the Conservation Village and then performed their all out set on the large Sunset Stage!! They must have some following because it was wall to wall people listening, and dancing, and, grooving to their Reggae beat… The entire band are a high energy, barefoot, ukulele, bongo playing group, and not one festival goer sounded like they were disappointed!!!  We got special permission to stay throughout the set, and talked to the band rather quickly after the show. They are the nicest group and so grateful for the opportunity to be able to perform at Tortuga. I plan on setting up a one on one interview with them in the future if time allows. They are becoming quite busy

By the time we were done, it was time for the 15 minute walk back to the media center and head on home. I have to say that this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! To see the fun the attendees were having, taking pictures of them, dancing with them, and singing right along. We met some great people and would recommend anyone that can attend one of these major Country music festivals, should go!! Try it, you will then become an all out music fan!! I promise!!

More Pictures can be found on our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/ThinkCountryMusic/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBya3HC_dzesJUzXSxQWiYYQbw2Lc9ZiDDrJcey6TaHJOCD8_u7d4TaNeaddM5I2umyblXSPA266BrJ&hc_ref=ARQ_kMCmqTxk9JTPJjvAY3xfUtgj2UNt5En3KRPZ-95QrSXx_IGhfEGaZL2eu5acCqw&fref=nf

Check out these Online Sites for more information:

Tortuga Festival:http://www.tortugamusicfestival.com/

Carly Pearce:https://www.carlypearce.com/

David Lee Murphy:http://www.davidlee.com/

Gabby Barrett:https://www.instagram.com/gabbybarrett_/

Caroline Jones:https://carolinejones.com/

The Wheeland Brothers:https://wheelandbrothers.com/

Rock on with Country Music!!





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