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Rising Country Star DARIANN LEIGH Premieres Lyric Video For “Let Me Go”

Photo courtesy of Kore PR

Some of country music’s biggest stars came from the smallest towns. Martina McBride‘s hometown of Sharon, Kansas posted a population of just 158 on the 2010 US Census. If you look at things that way, Karlstad, Minnesota, the town Dariann Leigh calls home, could almost be considered the “big city” with 713 residents. It just goes to show you that great things often come from the most remote places.

A coin that’s constantly flipping sides, Dariann Leigh is an artist for all people. She’s as sexy as she is the girl next door. She’s red carpet-ready or head-to-toe camo out in the field. She’s approachable one minute and off the radar the next. She’s cosmopolitan chic with small town values. She’s all about writing songs drenched in confidence and self-worth. An artist young girls, especially, can look to as a role model, Dariann Leigh is one to watch.

“Let Me Go,” her most recent single, released on March 19th and now Dariann Leigh is proud to premiere the lyric video for the song. An absolute scorcher, this video showcases this artist’s sultry, in-charge vocal style. With its theme of a female being in full-control over a breakup, it reserves Leigh’s place as one of today’s top women in country music. The video concept came from Dariann Leigh herself. It was produced by Justin Mayotte (Squeaks on Tour) and edited by Shaye Smith.

Video courtesy of Dariann Leigh and YouTube

Photo courtesy of Kore PR

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*Featured photo courtesy of Kore PR


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